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Park Hee-soon Posing with a... Gorilla

Okay, so it's not a real gorilla nor does it even look real. Why they decided to have Park Hee-soon pose for photos next to a stuffed doll is beyond my comprehension. Jung Jae-young posed with animals before, though those were real ones in his photo shoot. Well, for some odd reason or another, I think both of them look fabulous in their photos (fake or real animals).

Park looks especially stunning in these photos. May be they've been photoshopped really well or the lighting is complementing his complexion a lot because he looks really good. If it hasn't been obvious yet, I'm swooning big time here.

Park modeled for Nylon magazine showing a casual and dandy look which I think he should wear more often if he's going to be looking like this. Apparently, Park found it awkward in the beginning to pose with a doll but quickly got comfortable on set. He was able to protray his whimsical side as well as his manly yet soft side.

In his interview, Park stated, "I'm happiest when I'm acting. For the future, I want to follow the big three, Song Kang-ho, Choi Min-shik and Sul Kyung-goo, and continue acting until I die."

His movie Kabi will hit theaters on March 15, and it looks pretty slick and cool.

Via News Way