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Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

Happy Birthday!!!
Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day (which I don't deem as a real holiday) and today is Park Hee-soon's birthday, this post will just be filled with love and admiration for a wonderful actor. Brief update on his activities, Kabi has finished filming and has released teasers and posters (another poster down below) and is currently filming Scent of a Woman (which I am speculating that its title might be changed since I've seen another title associated with the movie). As a fan, I'm full of joy that he's always busy with another project, but I hope this year he spends/spent his birthday and Valentine's Day with someone special.

This is a perfect chance for me to release all the "new" photos from interviews I've saved on my computer! Enjoy...

Ha Jung-woo and Park Hee-soon... SWOON to the MAX!!!

Why are they so cute!!??

 Moody... me like. The setting is so pretty.

He's smiling at me... *faint*

From The Client... the movie was "eh" but the actors were awesome.

Via Naver News (all photos as watermarked)