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My Love, Madame Butterfly Teaser

The first teaser of the upcoming weekend drama was recently released. The show premieres in two weeks on October 6th after Delicious Life which was cut short.


Park Yong-woo was on for three seconds. That's it!?! Sigh, the show doesn't seem super interesting to me, unfortunately, because I really want to like it. Despite all my misgivings, I'm still going to watch at least two episodes, and probably still watch a majority of it even if I hate it. It's not like Park Yong-woo is on t.v. everyday. You've got to enjoy it while it lasts!

Here are some character stills, and Park Yong-woo is looking wonderful as always:


  1. Is it just me or has PYW got a bit of a Tony Leung thing going on in his more modern attire? Just the kind of vibe I'm getting. Yum.
    (Need to finish Jejoongwon already!)
    Don't think I'll be watching this though, I'll be honest. J'detest Kim Sung-soo and the premise sounds awful. Unless it's going to be lighthearted? Otherwise it smells of Makjang with capital M. Heard Giant's assistant PD (plenty talented) will be directing so it will have some nice touches.
    I'll see how you find it and then dip my toes in, starts this weekend right?

    1. It does start this weekend. Excited to Park Yong-woo but not really looking forward to the actual drama. The premise sounds dreadful and I don't like most of the cast... Sigh, the things I do because for love.

      He does look yum in modern attire! Jejoongwon, I was actually gushing about his character Hwang Jung to my friends. Smiling like a loon just thinking about the show and the main couple.


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