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Confession of Murder

Jung Jae-young's upcoming movie Confession of Murder, also starring Park Shi-hoo, has released its trailer and movie posters.

Jung plays a hardened cop Choi Hyung-goo who is guilt-driven for losing a serial killer who left a horrifying scar on his face and disappeared for fifteen years. He hasn't been able to sleep well since as his anger continued to swell up for all those years. Park Shi-hoo is the handsome and sauve killer Lee Doo-seok who suddenly reappears, and even more surprisingly, publishes a book I am a Killer. The book becomes a bestseller, and with his looks and charm, Lee Doo-seok has gained the forgiveness of the public. However, officer Choi won't give up on trying to capture him until the bitter end.

The statute of limitations may be over, but the case is still yet from done!

Tagline: If you killed people, then you should receive your punishment.
 Tagline: I killed 10 people... Now, I'm asking for forgiveness.


It looks intense all around. I can totally picture Park Shi-hoo as a psychotic killer and his pale complexion works well with the creepy image. Jung Jae-young is sort of reminding me of his character in Countdown, but I hope this one will be more intense, desperate, and simply a raw ball of nerves.

I don't have too high expectations, strangely, but Jung Jae-young is awesome so this is definitely on my watch list. It plans on premiering in Korea in November of this year. 

Stills from the movie:

Via Naver Movie