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Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

Happy Birthday

Wow, it's already been three years, and my third Jung birthday post!
Jung Jae-young has been constantly busy for the past years churning out projects after projects. As a fan, I'm excited and ecstatic that he's getting roles and being in movies. His first movie of 2012, Confession of Murder, has premiered and already passed the 1 million mark after its first week.

Here's a random collection of pictures from the year and few questions and answers from various interviews he did especially for his new film.

Jang Jin (director of Someone Special): If a time comes when you feel, 'Ah, it's this person' and get a feeling of certainty, will you be able to get that person no matter what situation you're in?

Jung Jae-young: He he, what's wrong with you?... I'm married.

Lee Na-young (Someone Special costar): Oppa, how old is your child again?

Jung Jae-young: Four, four years old?... Wait, I should call and ask. (Call ends) My son is four years old.

Lee Na-young: My puppy is two years old...

Lately, it's really been the era of middle-aged actors. Especially this year, Choi Min-shik, Song Kang-ho, Kim Yoon-suk, Ryu Seung-ryong, and other fantastic actors have really received the spotlight.

Besides me, I hope they all retire quickly. (Laughs) I'm kidding, I feel good that everyone is doing well. Also, the juniors' efforts are very big. During my time, if you were good looking, you couldn't act, but nowadays the kids are so handsome and think deeply. That's why I'm feeling a sense of danger. Who do I want to work with? I don't have those, all are welcomed. I'm not the type to have prejudices or expectations about people.

You seem like you would take on the mothering role on set.

Aeyi ("yeah right"), mom is too good of a persona. I'm not that much of a caring style. More like the neighborhood lady? Not very serious, and just likes to chat and joke around?
Jung Jae-young's 'first set', who was the person who gave off a good atmosphere?

Senior Ahn Sung-ki. I saw him on the set of The Adventures of Mrs. Park (1996). In my own way, I thought that I had prepared diligently, but I was probably so idiotic. I was young and ignorant, only ad-libbing. If back then senior Ahn Sung-ki became serious and said, "You, a 'newbie', dare ad-lib?", my first set experience would have been a very bad memory. But, he said, "That's fun. Then I'll change to match that" and adjusted his lines. When filming and getting soaked from the rain, instead of going to his car, he went over to the corner where a fire was going and talked with the staff. He isn't really the type who's good at jokes. (Laughs) That atmosphere was really nice. I can't be like senior Ahn Sung-ki. However, I always think of him as a "mentor".

In person, you give off a warm and bright vibe, but the Jung Jae-young in movies appears almost like a colorless person.

Right? I don't really have a bright image. It's probably from the roles I've had. Also, the way I look. (Looks at the photos from the shoot) Look at this, since I'm aging, all you can see in my face is the alcohol.

Are you not going to do dramas? You're working without a management company.

Even without a management company, I can do the acting I want without any problems. It's easy. There are more pros for me. In the past, I didn't choose to do dramas, but lately, they don't come in. (Laughs)

It appears as if you are constantly working without a break.

That's not true. It's been two months since Confession of Murder ended filming. I took a break for five months and then started to film AM 11:00. For five months, I stayed at home and didn't do anything; I kept feeling burdensome. I don't really have any hobbies, and just staying at home, I felt like I was unemployed. I'm almost done filming AM 11:00, too.



  1. Jung Jae Young is married?! I honestly did not know that! He must be a very private person...

    1. Yep, he's married and has kids. I want to say two sons, but I don't remember how I even thought of that so it could be simply random and wrong. Anyways, he keeps his private life private and only mentions his family in passing during interviews.


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