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Birdie Buddy Releases its Trailer

It's around 25 minutes long and is completely cheesetastic!

The three leads appear okay. UEE is better than what I imagined (which, however, wasn't very high to begin with), I remembered where I saw Lee Da-hee from (The Secret of Keu Keu Island, how could I forget!? My adorable Yoon Sang-hyun was head-over-heels in love with her and acted like such a bumbling, cute idiot!), and I get the impression that she's the strongest out of the three. Lee Yong-woo... I never understood why people thought he looked goreous, but now I see, the man looks like Joo Jin-mo who is a sculpture. Sadly, besides realizing that he looks hot, I think he has a lisp, and he's definately not the greatest actor.

Besides having better-than-I-thought leads, the supporting cast!! I never knew that these people were in this! Totally epic. In my opinion, a supporting cast can make or break a drama, and the supporting cast in Birdie Buddy is definately a make. I'm not saying that all the supporting cast had me giddy (Robert Harley, what are you doing there with fake white hair and a beard) but most of them had me going "You're in this. Really? Wow!"

It would be nice to see Birdie Buddy get picked up, but prospects look slim. Either way, if I ever have the chance to watch this, I'll probably give it a try but mostly because Park Sung-woong is in it. From the looks of it, though, I'll be lucky if I even saw thirty minutes of him in total from the entire 20 hours! Park Sung-woong please pick another drama quickly!

Here is the trailer from youtube released by Group 8: