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Kabi loses its Female Lead

Back in December, Park Hee-soon was cast in Kabi along with Lee Da-hae, Joo Jin-mo, and Yoo Sun. However, due to schedule conflicts, Lee Da-hae has dropped out of the project. In addition, the budget has been reduced to half of the boasted W10,000,000,000 (won).

This makes me sad because what I had hoped wouldn’t happen to this movie is happening! There are also rumors floating around that Joo Jin-mo might drop, too, but the producers are adamantly stating that he’s just making sure there are no schedule conflicts. Apparently, Kabi has yet to start filming which is causing the actors to drop. However, a representative from yeuleum (summer) entertainment, Park Hee-soon's management company, has stated that Park Hee-soon has no plans of dropping the project and will adjust his schedule accordingly once the movie starts filming.

I wasn’t completely interested in Kabi to be honest. I was simply excited that Park Hee-soon had movies to film which means that I would get to see him. Now it seems unlikely Kabi will open in December of this year, but at least there’s still The Client.