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Park Yong-woo in Cosmopolitan

Park Yong-woo is looking adorable in this photoshoot alongside movie partner Go Ah-ra. He portrays his playful and fun side in the photos to  mirror his upcoming character's personality while Go went for more chic and cold.

Their movie, Papa, is about Chunsup (Park Yong-woo), a manager who was known to have the Midas touch back in the Korean music industry but now has become an illegal immigrant in the United States while looking for a runaway top star. In order to obtain citizenship, he joins hands with June (Go Ah-ra) who needs a legal caretaker in order for her family of six to stick together. 

Chunsup now finds himself with bigger responsibilities having to be their provider while acting as a family when he can't even properly communicate with them. To make matters worse, Chunsup is in debt and President Do (Sohn Byung-ho) wants his money back. Coincidentally, President Do offers Chunsup and the six siblings a once in a lifetime chance to change their lives.