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Park Sung-woong in Man of Honor (ep 1-6)

Park Sung-woong has reteamed with the pd-writer duo of Baker King Kim Tak-goo but doesn't play a gaurdian angel in this. He plays Suh In-chul who is the righthand man (more like an underappreciated rookie) and nephew of Suh Jae-myung (Son Chang-min). His father is the deceased older brother of Suh, and it appears that may be their history is not as what is seems.

(As stated in the title, the following contains content from ep 1-6, so do NOT continue if you don't want to know what happens!)

Suh In-chul is a man who has aspirations or, depending on viewpoint, greed. He is abused by his uncle Suh Jae-myung, though not outrightly, and looked down upon by his uncle's family.

Even In-woo, his younger cousin, doesn't appear to have much respect for his cousin. Obviously, In-woo understands that In-chul is more suited to run the business than him and acknowledges his abilities, but the way In-woo yells at his cousin to do something for him sounds commanding, threatening, and coinceited in my viewpoint. I have sympathies for In-woo's situation and think his father and mother have caused a lot of his conditions and influenced his attitude, but that does not mean that I accept his behavior or personality. He still is pretty rotten.

In episode 5, In-woo gathers up the courage to tell his father he wants to play baseball, but that puts his father in a rage and throws a vase at In-woo. Luckily for him, In-chul steps in and blocks it resulting a deep gash on his upper forearm.

To add salt to the wound, he overhears his uncle saying how he threw the vase knowing that In-chul would block it, that's the least he can do. The aunt, who I despise even more and more as the show goes on, grins nastily and calls her husband a bad man. Poor In-chul. Then he broods and grimaces in the shower.

Well, In-chul does not seem like the type to forgive and forget. He orders his men to find Yoon Jae-in. To do what, we don't really know. He grimaces in the car due to the wound and when he meets Jae-in, he finally passes out due to sudden blood loss. Kind Jae-in helps him and takes him to the hospital.

Suh In-chul offers Jae-in a job to make sure she's close by and to try to have her on his side to use against Suh Jae-myung in the future. We also learn in episode 6 that Suh In-chul is dating Kim Young-kwang's (the main character) oldest sister who is Suh Jae-myung's secretary. What an entangled web of relationships and secrets!