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What Happens to My Family Ep 19: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

This was a more mellow episode for our couple since the focus was on the other two relationships who have more conflict at the moment. While Tae-joo is making leaps in the relationship, Kang-shim is backpedaling. Overall, not a super exciting episode for our couple, but there are interesting developments that suggest more fun and trouble in the near future.

Aunt Cha goes outside to look for Daddy Cha, but instead, finds Tae-joo waiting in front of a cafe. He looks through the window trying to make out the conversation inside. Kang-shim is yelling at the scam artist about her 300 million won. He nonchalantly tells her he'll go to the bank in the morning and solve the mortgage issue. She scoffs at him and says she's not an idiot, how could she trust him! This is why Kang-shim is street-smart and Tae-joo is... not. Tae-joo faces the scam artist and honestly believes the man would follow him without trying to run while Kang-shim trusts the man as far as she could throw him.

Kang-shim tells him to get up because she's just going to hand him over to the police. Scammer just laughs at that since their transaction was technically legal, and he has no fault in the matter.
Kang-shim calls him out on his wishy-washy behavior. How could he claim to go to the bank and solve the problem when he just said that he holds no responsibility. This is why I love you Kang-shim. The man's story is full of holes, and she isn't an idiot to not notice.

Frustrated, the scam artist blurts out that her boyfriend said he'll solve everything. Oops...
Kang-shim asks what he just said, and the scam artist says she doesn't need to know the details. He tells her not to worry about the mortgage issue since he'll go to bank first thing in the morning and leaves the table.

Tae-joo catches him at the door and asks if he did as planned. The scam artist says he did and kept the details a secret. Tae-joo warns him to keep his part of the deal or else next time he won't be getting off lightly. Meanwhile, Kang-shim tries to listen to them inside the cafe. Okay, I totally called Tae-joo paying for the loan through the scammer! However, I must admit that I'm glad to be wrong about how quickly Kang-shim found out about it.

The scam artist tells Tae-joo that he understands and remarks about Tae-joo's poor circumstances. How did he fall in love with a woman like that? In addition to 200 million won...
Tae-joo tells him to be quiet, but not before Kang-shim overhears about the money. This scam artists is hilarious. His laissez faire attitude and presumptuous actions towards the couple is so ridiculous that it's funny.

Kang-shim leaves the cafe clearly affected by these turn of events. Tae-joo comes up to her and asks if everything went alright. She looks at him and starts to ask a question but stops. She says that everything went well, and he tells her to go home and rest well tonight. She continues staring at him which unnerves him. He asks if something is on his face, and Kang-shim tells him that she feels truly grateful. He's caught off-guard and can't help but smile at her words. He says it wasn't a big deal and bashfully laughs.

He doesn't seem to register her rather melancholic mood since he just laughs and can't make proper eye contact. She bids farewell, and he looks at her until she's out of sight. As she rounds the corner, Tae-joo waves and tells her to have a good night though she doesn't seem to hear him. It's quite adorable how he can't take his eyes off her. Plus, just how cute was his little wave and saying good night? I adore this lovesick Tae-joo!

Once she's gone, Tae-joo does a dorky congratulatory fist-pump.

Kang-shim walks lost in thought when Aunt Cha runs and grabs her arm. She wants to know why Tae-joo is here. Did something happen at work? Aunt Cha worries if something bad happened again to Kang-shim, and for a moment, Kang-shim is about to say something but dismisses it. She walks home, and Aunt Cha wonders aloud if Young-sul's intuition might be right.
Oh Aunt Cha, her look kills me. You can really see that she loves Kang-shim and is genuinely worried for her. I really hope that Kang-shim grows to appreciate her family more in the show.

In her room, Kang-shim remains puzzled about the situation and wonders if Tae-joo might actually like her. To which I say, YES! What gave it away? The stares, the gaping mouth, the uncontrollable smiling, the petty jealousy, the ridiculous excuses to always meet you, or his selfless act to pay for the officetel so that you could keep your pride and dreams?

Aunt Cha talks with her daughter about Kang-shim and even does a short imitation. She wonders why Kang-shim is vehemently denying their relationship, though. Young-sul says it's because she's scared. Aunt Cha doesn't see what to be scared of, but Young-sul says that it's probably because of her past relationship fourteen years ago. Aunt Cha seems incredulous at the idea. However, Young-sul says she has a plan, and I immediately groan. Aunt Cha groans, too, and asks if she's going to interfere again and ruin things. Young-sul says she wants the best for Kang-shim and tells her mom to trust her and stay put. While I do believe Young-sul doesn't have ill intentions, her meddling usually causes more harm than good. Yet with this couple, they might need some outside support. It's just that I'd rather Young-sul be a sideline cheerleader than an active cupid.

Meanwhile, Kang-shim is still up in bed and confused. Seriously, though, it's not that hard. I said it above, but I'll say it again: it's obvious that he's smitten with you and thinks you are lovely even when beating someone up which means he's a keeper!

At work, both of them nervously drum their fingers. Tae-joo leaves his office, and Kang-shim gets up to send him off. He smiles and mentions a restaurant that doesn't take single party reservations. He asks if she'll go. Hahaha, could you be any more transparent?

Before he can even finish his question, she cuts him off. She says she already made dinner plans with the other secretaries, so Tae-joo says he'll just cancel the reservation and leaves the office with hunch shoulders. Kang-shim lets down her guard once he's gone and mumbles to herself that it feels so awkward. I feel bad for Tae-joo. He was so dejected, and she didn't even pause to pretend to think! Her rejection was so cold, but I guess that's better than stringing him along. But... but... his poor lovesick heart! He's an open book and has his heart on his sleeve! I guess it could be karma for acting like a butt to her in the beginning since he did think she was a gold-digger. Tae-joo's going to have to get used to rejection for a while, me thinks.

Tae-joo complains that she should have moved her dinner appointment with Secretary Hong since she even had lunch with her today! Hahaha, did he ask her to lunch today and get rejected, too? You're going to have to work hard to win her over because she's a tough cookie!

Young-sul is waiting in the lobby and greets Tae-joo on his way out. She introduces herself as Kang-shim's cousin and reminds him that they briefly saw each other the day he fired Kang-shim. Oh my gosh, Young-sul is hilarious! Like he probably wants to remember the day he fired the girl he's trying to woo right now. Smooth one, Young-sul. You're just as transparent as lovesick Tae-joo.

She says she came to meet him and asks if he can go out for tea right now. Tae-joo is flabbergasted and rightly so. I don't think anyone can compete with Young-sul's audacity.

Kang-shim is talking with her usual secretary buddies who are surprised by Kang-shim's news. They gasp that the Director Moon paid 200 million won for a lady. Kang-shim hushes them and warns them to keep this a secret. If rumors spread, she'll have both of them kicked out.

The two secretaries wonder what kind of woman she is. One asks if it's a bar girl which Kang-shim immediately denies. The other one asks then what kind of woman would have a 200 million won debt? Kang-shim explains that she's a normal person who was unfortunately scammed. The secretary then comments that Tae-joo must really be in love. Kang-shim's eyes bulge at that and she stutters, ""

She says that love seems overboard, but the secretaries think differently.
"No man would just hand over 200 million won to a woman they didn't love. In fact, there are probably more men who would pick the 200 million won over love these days!"

Kang-shim says calling it love still seems like too much, but now the secretaries are wondering who exactly is this woman who was able to make the Director Moon bend. Kang-shim says that it's a top secret, and wonders if it really is love.

Tae-joo is also talking about love at the same time but with Young-sul. She tells him that Kang-shim is the way she is because of love. He asks what kind of love made her turn into such a prickly stick. Young-sul says a love that had years of devotion but ended up with an eye-popping betrayal. Tae-joo tsks at that, and Young-sul adds that Kang-shim's been single for the past fourteen years, making sure to repeat and emphasize each word.

Tae-joo finally addresses the pink elephant in the room: why is she telling him all this?
Yeah, Young-sul, why? Because this is private, and I'm sure if Kang-shim found out she would not be happy at all. Plus, I don't think Tae-joo needs to know this right now and especially not from a third party.

She cheerfully answers that it's for his knowledge... because he's in love with Kang-shim. Hahaha, she's so blunt. Tae-joo is flabbergasted by her statement and denies it.

"Didn't you guys kiss?"
"But that was because Chief Secretary Cha was drunk..."
"And call every time?"
"That's purely out of business..."
"Whatever the reason, I heard you even came to the front of the house?"
"That was because I had to see Chief Secretary Cha for something..."
"It was probably because you missed her. That 'something' was just an excuse."
Young-sul 1, Tae-joo 0.
He's going to lose to every single woman in the Cha family, isn't he?

She comments that Tae-joo looks like he lacks experience in relationships, and tells him he should take the lead and push their relationship forward. She wants to see them together quickly since they are a bit old. She thanks him for the juice and says she has to hurry home before Kang-shim because doesn't like it when she wears her clothes. Young-sul doesn't forget to give him her number and off she goes.

Tae-joo watches her leave and shakes his head. Young-sul ran circles around him, and our dense Tae-joo is none the wiser about anything. He just sits there in a daze, her words probably still running around in his head.

Kang-shim is walking home and wonders why her. She asks what's so special about her that he would like her. Just then, she remembers her ex (who's name is Byun Woo-tak) who smiles at her and says there's no reason for why he likes her. Kang-shim shudders at the sudden image and calls herself crazy.

She wonders why she suddenly thought of him and keeps calling herself crazy when Byun steps out of the tofu shop and is standing in front of her. Kang-shim is shocked and twirls around. She can't believe her eyes, but when she turns around again, he's gone. She dashes forward and looks for him down the streets, but he's nowhere to be found. She chastises herself for acting this way and calls herself broken. She gives herself a pep talk and tries to regain her composure.

As Kang-shim leaves, Byun comes out from a corner and watches her go. He comments that she's still the same. He turns around to leave, too, but runs into a very familiar blue coat. He recognizes Young-sul and makes a run for it, but she shouts at him to stop. He turns around, and Young-sul can't help but let out an audible gasp.

At home, Kang-shim asks Aunt Cha if Young-sul stole her clothes again. Aunt Cha feigns ignorance, but Seo-wool chimes to ask if it is a blue coat. Kang-shim says it is, and Seo-wool confirms that she saw Young-sul leave with it on. While Kang-shim fumes, Aunt Cha makes a snide remark because she's a petty mother, too. Hahaha, Aunt Cha should reprimand her daughter sometimes, but she babies her kids almost as much as her brother which is cute to see how similar they are.

Right then, Young-sul walks in, noticeably without her usual pep. Kang-shim yells at her and tells her she hates it when she wears her clothes. Uncharacteristically, Young-sul silently stares at Kang-shim. Everyone is unnerved by Young-sul's silence, and Kang-shim stops her rant to ask if she's alright.

Young-sul did have a conversation with Byun when they met earlier. He asked how Kang-shim was, and she scoffed at him. She called him shameless and said how dare he show his face here and ask about Kang-shim. He told her that he's been divorced for three years, and she said so what! When he called her name, she exploded and said Kang-shim was still alone because of him. He hurt her and because of that, Kang-shim couldn't start anew while he got married and divorced. She threatened to pull his hair out, and Byun yelled back that he doesn't plan on seeing Kang-shim. She told him to never show his face, and mentioned that Kang-shim isn't the girl she used to be. According to Young-sul, Kang-shim has a new boyfriend who's a gentleman (haha) and a real manly man (hahahaha).

I'm so glad Young-sul yelled at Byun. I think she's completely right and really gave him a piece of my mind. He better not have the audacity to think he can rekindle anything with Kang-shim because as Young-sul said, he hurt her, got married then divorced while she's devoted herself to being single for the rest of her life probably due in part to him. Also, I couldn't help but chuckle when she described Tae-joo as the new boyfriend. He might be endearing and adorable, but he's not really manly or a gentleman. He's quite petty and childish especially in front of Kang-shim, so someone calling him those things was pretty funny.

Kang-shim brings Young-sul back from her flashback. Young-sul apologies for borrowing her clothes and offers to get it dry cleaned again if she wants. Young-sul then says, "Kang-shim-ah, you know that I love you, right? I love you a whole lot. Even more than a real sister!"

She suddenly gives Kang-shim a hug and wishes for her happiness. Everyone is taken aback, and Aunt Cha even asks if she was drinking. Young-sul apologies again to Kang-shim and even promises to never wear her clothes again. Kang-shim stares at Aunt Cha and asks if she said anything too harsh. Aunt Cha says she wasn't too harsh and that it seemed like the usual amount.

Young-sul talks to herself in her room that Tae-joo should hurry up and make the first move.
Tae-joo looks at Young-sul's number and says he can't suddenly make a move, what if he's rejected! He says he can't take the risk of making their relationship awkward and puts away the number into his desk drawer. Oh Tae-joo, let's be honest here. You've been "rejected" already and your relationship is a bit awkward, at least on her part. Might as well keep going forward since there's nothing to lose.

Final Comments

Tae-joo continues to be an adorable man-child. His devotion towards Kang-shim is endearing, and I hope Kang-shim won't hurt him too much while she waffles on her feelings. Kang-shim seems to have been really traumatized by Byun seeing how even a little memory of him and quick glimpse made her so befuddled and shaken. Hopefully, she'll confront him soon and will be able to work out any lingering feelings she has towards him. I doubt she loves him or wants him back, but she definitely still has some resentment and unresolved feelings.

After that, I hope Kang-shim will be able to love herself and realize that she's a wonderful woman any man would be lucky to love. It seems like part of the reasons she's stopping Tae-joo's advances is not because she doesn't have feelings back for him but because she doesn't really believe anyone would love her. This is why I "hate" Byun because he's really scarred Kang-shim, and this is also why I think Tae-joo would be great for her because his love is unwavering and steadfast. Tae-joo seems like the loyal type which is why he can't easily make relationships or trust people. He's all or nothing, and for Kang-shim, she needs a partner willing to give his all to her without holding back.

However, the real highlight of this couple this episode was actually Young-sul. I know that many find her annoying and want her gone, but I actually like her. Sure, she's lazy, shameless, and meddlesome, yet her sincere interest in Kang-shim's happiness and loyalty to her family is admirable. The way she yelled at Byun for hurting Kang-shim and threatening him if he so much as thought of hurting her again was really sweet. She's really like her mother in that when others attack her family, she's willingly to give it her all to protect them since she knows that they're often too kind to do it themselves. She doesn't mind being dirty or called bad names for their sake, and I can get behind that.

Also, her confession to Kang-shim was sweet, and they really are like sisters because they grate on each other's nerves and bicker over the tiniest things, but at the end of the day, they still love each other and know each other the best. In addition, I loved how she was a whirlwind with Tae-joo. She dominated that conversation and left his head spinning. Though she's noisy and doesn't always get things right, I do think she is keen on romantic relationships and her advice to Tae-joo wasn't too bad. Right now, Kang-shim isn't going to easily enter a relationship, and she just might need Tae-joo to lead her and show her that she can start a new relationship and is deserving of love. If anything, I think his earnestness will win her heart at the end of the day.

Comments on the Preview for Ep 20

Baek says, "Resolve it. The company's secretary, how debasing."
Then we hear Tae-joo yell, "I don't care what Madame Baek says."
Kang-shim says, "I do care, so please go back."
Tae-joo grabs Kang-shim and asks her, "Why? For what reasons?"

First of all, Baek really gets on my nerves because she's selfish and stupid. Out of all the characters, I dislike her the most (yes, even more than Hyo-jin's parents, but they're close seconds). I knew that she'd eventually be a stumbling block for the couple, but I was so glad to hear Tae-joo say he didn't care what she thought because that's so like him. He doesn't care what other's say and does whatever he thinks is right. However, Kang-shim isn't like that, so it'll be interesting to see how their relationship plays out. 

Also, the clips of Tae-joo were adorkable so I can't wait to see how he'll try to get on Kang-shim's good side. In addition, that last scene with him holding her back... he's not wearing a suit!
Can't wait for Saturday.

Comments on Other Stuff

Daddy Cha breaks my heart every single episode. I really liked the scene with him and Aunt Cha in the tofu shop. He tells her that he'll apologize to the in-laws and take responsibility because it's his kid's mistake.

Also, the scene where Kang-jae asks his dad to possibly raise the child, my heart sank for dad. Of course he'll say yes, but Kang-jae... you don't do that to your dad who you know will do anything for you! It was so manipulative and unthoughtful of Kang-jae. Just when I thought there was a softer side to you, you go back to being that selfish, materialistic son. Oh Kang-jae, please stop hammering a nail into poor Daddy Cha's heart. He deserves better than this and you know it to!