January 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

Finally, I've posted a birthday post for Park Sung-woong on time!
Park Sung-woong was very busy last year, and continues to be busy this year, too, with a movie planning to premiere in March starring alongside Kim Sang-kyung and Kim Sung-kyun (so excited!). Anyways, what that means is that there are a lot of pictures following the jump. You've been warned!

December 30, 2014

Lovepark End of the Year Awards II

Welcome to the second Lovepark End of the Year Award:
where the awards don't matter, and nobody cares!

Judges: Me (as always)

NOTE: There are a couple of dramas that I've watched that weren't included, and there are a couple of dramas included that I haven't finished. Thus, while not everything is included, I did try to mention most of the dramas I enjoyed this year.

December 13, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 34: Tae-joo & Kang-shim Highlights

It pains me that I'm four weeks behind recapping this drama because with all its flaws and predictability, I'm enjoying all the quirky antics and adorable faces of the cast. I'll try to do a roundup recap this coming week, but I couldn't bypass this chance to squee over this episode. I'll do a more formal recap a bit later, but for now, time to gush!

November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

After quite a busy streak with three films released this year alone, there hasn't been too much news about Jung Jae-young's new project (though I'm pretty sure he's either picking or negotiating since who wouldn't want to have Jung star in their film). Anyways, pic spam following the jump like always.

November 15, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 26: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

Tae-joo is making great strides, and his earnest, quiet confession to Kang-shim was awesome. Also, his relationship with Eun-ho is going strong. Thus, lots of good expressions by Tae-joo this episode!

It looks like Baek's plans to interfere are being thwarted, but hopefully, the Chairman soon gets aboard the Kang-shim & Tae-joo ship.

November 9, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 25: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

Daddy Cha starts acting, and his children are finally reacting to him. It was nice to see the tense moments balanced with the humorous ones. Tae-joo brings on the funny, and Kang-shim maintains the heavy tone although she had some nice moments herself.

I love the continued relationship between Tae-joo and Eun-ho and was sad to see that there was only one scene with them. I also want to see more of the Moon family (minus Baek, really), but this is about the Cha family, so I won't complain too much. I guess I should be thankful for even getting one scene. At least I adore Daddy Cha, so it's always good to see him on screen.

November 8, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 24: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

There were barely any scenes of Kang-shim and Tae-joo together this episode which is disappointing since they have to take a backseat for Daddy Cha's legal case. In the Cha household, I only really have deep sympathies for Daddy Cha, and it was heartbreaking to see him so depressed.

However, if the Cha house was sad this episode, the Moon house was a bundle of giggles and fun! Tae-joo's slowly budding relationship with his family is heartwarming, and I am loving his relationship with Eun-ho so far. Hopefully, we get to see more of them in the future!