March 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo

Last year, Park Yong-woo did a stage play which is great to hear. However, I'd love to see him in more projects since he's been quiet for a while now. Hopefully it's by choice and not because he's not getting offers... Anyways, happy birthday Park Yong-woo!

March 4, 2017

Actor Spotlight: Park Won-sang (박원상)

Park Won-sang (박원상) is mainly a supporting actor who has continuously built his resume. He's been in eighteen dramas (including short ones), and over fifty movies (and he continuously does project after project). This doesn't even include all his stage credits which he constantly does, as well. Thus, if you've been watching Korean dramas and movies for a while, it's nearly impossible to not have seen him somewhere. Granted, you might not remember seeing him, but that's fine-I didn't either until recently.

Due to my newfound love for the actor, I went back and watched (in many cases, re-watched) a ton of his previous works. I thought I'd highlight a bit of his roles from his various projects and share some of the facts I learned from his interviews.

Basic Profile:

Birthdate: January 7, 1970
Height: 176cm
Weight: 72kg

March 2, 2017

Random Coincidence from Chief Kim Ep 11

Lately, the only drama I've been watching is Chief Kim which I'm enjoying more and more as the episodes go by (surprisingly!). However, this post doesn't really have to do anything with the show. Only partially.

Anyways, while I was watching episode 11, Sung-ryong (the main character) says a particular line that made me do a spit-take. In a scene where Ki-ok and his father are arguing, Sung-ryong just happens to enter and says (something along the lines of), "Are you filming a Donnie Yen action movie?"

To the majority of (if not all) people watching, this isn't a big deal. It's standard stuff Sung-ryong says to poke fun of situations. However, I've recently been completely taken with Donnie Yen, which is probably part of the reason why I haven't been watching a lot of dramas. Thus, when Sung-ryong said that, I felt like the kdrama-world was watching me! Kidding. Anyways, I just thought the coincidence was hilarious (the writers could have used the Jackie Chan joke again), and now I'm off to watch more Donnie Yen movies (he sure has some pretty crappy movies, by the way).

February 27, 2017

Happy (Belated) Birthday Park Hee-soon

Very late. I know. Anyways, happy belated birthday to Park Hee-soon! Glad he's doing a lot of movies recently which all sound exciting. Can't wait!

Photos after the jump (I know, there's actually photos this time!):

January 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

Park Sung-woong has been consistently busy, and currently he's starring in a musical (Bodyguard) and filming (or filmed) the per-produced drama Man to Man. Here's hoping for a wonderful 2017, Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong!

November 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

It's that time of year again: Jung Jae-young's birthday! I can't believe this is already my sixth birthday post for Jung Jae-young. Time flies fast. Like always, pictures after the jump.

September 11, 2016

Fantastic: Park Won-sang Cameo

Like I needed more reasons to love this show. Park Won-sang's cameo in episode 3 was brilliant, and he's brilliant. I absolutely loved his cameo, and thought he was hilarious. There's not much to say besides that I love him, and I love this show.

Kim Hyun-joo is amazing. Joo Sang-wook is funny. Kim Tae-hoon is lovely. Park Shi-yeon is fabulous.