June 27, 2014

Upcoming Movie: The Divine Move

The Divine Move is about professional baduk player Tae-suk (Jung Woo-sung) whose brother dies in a conspiracy in gambling baduk by Sal-soo (Lee Bum-soo) and his team. Tae-suk is then framed for murder and spends time in prison. After his release, he gathers professional baduk players from around the nation to face-off with Sal-soo.

The trailers and stills have a comic book flavor which I like. It definitely looks like a summer action flick that's purely entertainment which is why I'm excited. It looks fast and fun with caricature characters. I haven't seen any of director Jo Bum-goo's movies so I don't know if it'll deliver, but the cast alone is a huge draw.

Jung Woo-sung is gorgeous and seems to really throw himself into the action scenes. There's also Ahn Sung-ki who is simply amazing and charismatic, along with Ahn Gil-kang who consistently delivers. Kim In-kwon is mesmerizing on screen, and I'm looking forward to his character.

However, I'm super excited for Lee Bum-soo! He's hasn't played a villain in a long time, and I can't wait to see what he'll bring to the screen this time. Lee Bum-soo described his character as evil with no back story. He said in an interview, "Usually antagonists, if you look into them, have their stories and sorrows. Sometimes they're a hurt soul. Sal-soo isn't one of those characters.Of course, those characters have their own charm, but at least in this project, the presence of a completely evil character had its charm."

May 14, 2014

Belated Birthday Post to Park Yong-woo

I know I'm bad about remembering birthdays but this is just ridiculous! I cannot believe I completely forgot to have a birthday post dedicated to Park Yong-woo. It's almost been two whole months since his birthday (March 16), but better late than never.

Happy Birthday Park Yong-woo

He finished the drama My Love, Madame Butterfly last year spring. Later, he came on SNL Korea where he said he was going on a trip to rejuvenate. Also, he filmed a movie, Late Spring, which won the Best Foreign Feature at the 2014 Arizona International Film Festival. Hopefully, Park Yong-woo has more future projects in mind because he's an amazing actor, and I love watching him. There hasn't really been much news or casting about Park Yong-woo this year or last which is sad to hear as a fan, but I hope he's taking a good, long rest.
Still from Late Spring

Unfortunately, that's it for the pic spam because I don't have a lot of new pictures. Enjoy some SNL things from last year!

Happy (Super Belated) Birthday!

March 19, 2014

Casting Updates for Park Sung-woong

It was teased that Park Sung-woong might take a role in a movie with Kim Sung-kyun, but since casting rumors die as quickly as they spring up, I quelled my excitement. Well, no need for that now because it's been recently confirmed that both actors have agreed to do the movie. *throws confetti*

Kim Sung-kyun's confirmation was announced first along with Kim Sang-kyung (yeah!) and Yoon Seung-ah (pass). The movie is called 살인의뢰 which on Dramabeans named it Murder for Hire, but I'm going to call it Request for Murder until an official English title is released or an unofficial English title is agreed upon. Anyways, the movie is about a police officer and an average man who seek revenge on a serial killer.

Kim Sang-kyung will play a police officer Tae-soo who loses his younger sister to the serial killer. His role sounds similar to his previous characters, but he's a solid actor I adore so I know I'll enjoy him. Kim Sung-kyun who's basking in stardom from Reply 1994 and recently cast as a lead in a Jang Jin film (which is another combination I am looking forward to), will play the husband, Seung-hyun, who loses his wife to the serial killer and has his life fall apart soon after. It sounds like an interesting yet unoriginal character, but I have confidence that Kim Sung-kyun will do the role justice because he's just that incredible and amazing. Playing his wife Soo-kyung will be Yoon Seung-ah. I haven't really seen Yoon's dramas nor do I particularly remember her characters in anything. She was recently in I Need Romance 3. Her acting is forgettable but maybe she'll do better in movies with strong actors around her.

Last but not least, Park Sung-woong will play the killer, Kang-chun. He's still riding the wave of New World and has taken on a lot of projects. I'm glad he's playing a strong character because I think they suit him well, especially menacing yet charismatic ones. I'd rather he be a typecast into something he's good and memorable in rather than a bland protagonist or supporting character, but that's from the perspective of a fan and viewer.

While I'm ecstatic about the casting, I must admit serial killer movies are not my favorite. I still haven't been able to sit through The Chaser which I want to watch but keep pushing back. Well, with this line-up, I'll have to watch this when it comes out. Though the premise seems very much "been-there-done-that", the casting is pretty phenomenal so I have high hopes.

Via Movie Naver

March 12, 2014

Love in Memory 2- Father's Note Episode 2

Another bittersweet episode as we see dad deal with the news of his illness and get a better glimpse of his happy family. Dad's love for his wife and daughter are so apparent and that's what makes it so tragic. He doesn't have the heart to share the devastating news and chooses, instead, to hold onto the happy moments in his life. He is in denial of reality and wishes to let the warmth of the past remain intact. I can only watch as dad burdens his death by himself and can only weep alongside him for the cruelty of the world and the impending shattering of their family's quaint happiness.

March 10, 2014

Love in Memory 2- Father's Note Episode 1

The second season of the "SNS drama" Love in Memory aired last week. True to the Korean format, this season has nothing to do with the previous one. Love in Memory 2- Father's Note stars Jung Woong-in, Yoon Joo-hee, Yoon So-hee, and Kim Hyung-Bum and is about a father's parting message to his wife and daughter. Ranging around fifteen minutes in length, the episodes are really vignettes that capture the final moments of one man's life and one daughter's discovery. The show is simple in plot and delivery but that simply emphasizes the poignancy of the scenes. Rather than watching a drama play in front of your eyes, you feel you've entered a moment of intimate privacy of heartache and acceptance.

February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

Wow, it's already February and Valentine's day is upon us. More importantly, happy birthday wishes to my favorite actor, Park Hee-soon. He's turning 44 this year (45 in Korea) and still looking stunning. As always, pic spam following the jump. Enjoy!

January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

For some reason, I always forget Park Sung-woong's birthday, so here is a belated post (again). Last year was a pretty good year for Park with a solid performance in New World that gained him a lot of recognition. He has quite a few movies for 2014, and I'm looking forward to them especially The King's Wrath.

Movie poster and stills of the above mentioned New World

Here's pictures from the set of For the Emperor also starring Lee Min-ki. They surprised Park for his birthday.