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Romantic Heaven Trailer

Min-gyu (Kim Soo-ro) loses his wife. Mi-mi (Kim Ji-won) goes searching for her cancer ridden mother’s last hope. Ji-wook (Kim Dong-wook) meets his grandfather’s forever cherished first love. These people’s sincere love may have opened the doors to heaven!

Jang Jin directs another film which he describes as his will to his wife. I like Jang Jin and find his humor similar to my sense of humor. Romantic Heaven looks sweet, and I can already see some of Jang Jin’s specialty of making seemingly unfunny situations humorous. I also have a soft-spot for Kim soo-ro who looks so depressed that I just want to give him a huge hug to cheer him up.

Romantic Heaven does not have a set date but plans to open in theatres in March.

Synopsis Via Movie Naver