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Poster for GLove

The posters for Jung Jae-young's new movie GLove are out. If the poster and title weren't dead give-aways, the movie is about baseball. Jung is a famous baseball pitcher Kim Sang-nam but gets into a fight. The incident tarnishes his name so his manager makes him coach at a high school for the deaf in hopes of fixing his image. However, the baseball team only has ten members and the skills of a middle school team. Since the kids can't hear, they can't find the ball, and since they can't talk, they can't communicate on the field. Despite all this, the team's dream is to go to the nationals, and with Sang-nam as their coach, they feel that they're one step closer to their dream. Sang-nam tells them their dream is impossible, but as he watches their passion, he begins to have a heart.

Hmmm... the story doesn't seem new but there are some things that shouldn't change. I love the underdog story, and the underdog works so well for the sports genre so no complaints here. I am looking forward to Jung's portrayal and how he'll show the change of heart in his character.

Here are some photos from the press conference.

Jung Jae-young and his co-star Yoo Sun

Here are some stills from the movie

 Okay, I'm sold. (Who can say no to those smiles?)