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Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

Here are a few pictures of Jung Jae-young
How can he be so cute and cool at the same time?!

Currently Filming GLove (retired athlete?! sounds good):
Cameo Appearance in Quiz King (short but hilarious, BEEEEEP!):
Moss (deranged villian, well everyone was crazy in this movie but Jung was one of the "best"):
Castaway on the Moon (made me laugh, cringe, and cry):
Public Enemy 3 (evil yet funny, fabulous performance by Jung):
The Divine Weapon (my favorite Jung Jae-young character, where can I get one please!):
Going by the Book (another fabulous character, totally adorable in his seriousness):
Righteous Ties (how can he play so many COOL people?! funny, loyal, and absolutely awesome):
Wedding Campaign (completely dorkable yet one of my least favorites):
Welcome to Dongmakgol (the movie that started my love for Jung, totally awesome and sad):
Someone Special (cute, innocent, and adorable all-around):
Silmido (my first Jung character, great performance and even got an award for it):
No Blood No Tears (never got to finish the movie but Jung plays the role well, a total dog):
Guns and Talk (funny movie, Jung is great but doesn't get a lot of screentime):

Jung Jae-young's first commercial aired last week in Korea (I can't believe this was his first! Why would people not use him? He's fabulous!):
Jung was funny in his subtle way. The only thing I didn't particular care for was the expression he gave his (I'm presuming) son. Why would a father give his son such a look is beyond  my understanding, but I guess it was part of the concept. Jung still looks funny and the kid was funny, too, so all is well. By the way, I would like to share hot chocolate with Jung Jae-young! Where can I sign up?!

A few more random pictures (enjoy):
Not a fan of the shagginess but Jung Jae-young and his beard look good compared to Jung Ryeo-won and her lack of "life" (I'm assuming they look like this because of their movie Castaway on the Moon)

Jung Jae-young and Park Hae-il, both look good and really compliment each other in this photo



  1. Thinking about "Going By The Book" reminds me about woman with "raped" written on a paper :D I laughted so hard .. and Silmido, the movie with so many emotions, I was crying watching this movie . If it comes to Divine Weapon I can tell one thing: Youngie looks so hot with his long hair !!


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