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Yeouido 여의도

Movie Poster
Letters in white read: Did you kill him/her/it?
Park Sung-woong's upcoming new movie (see trailer below)!

Park Sung-woong plays a childhood friend of the main character (played by Kim Tae-woo). While Kim's character is going through rough times, Park's character suddenly appears and is described as a Superman-like friend. However, as the people around the main character become murdered, suspicions turn towards his friend.

The trailer below is in korean. Basically, the protagonist is harassed by a debt collector and is in danger of becoming fired. Our hero is beginning to lose hope in life when suddenly, an old friend appears who says he's here to help, like Superman. Slowly, the people around the protagonist start to die, and the main character suspects his friend for the murders.

The movie looks interesting, and Park Sung-woong looks creepy (which is a good thing). I feel like the movie may fall under familiar territory (reminds me of Beautiful Sunday for some reason), but I also could be very wrong. Anyways, I'll get my blankie ready since I can't watch anything remotely scary or thriller without becoming petrified.
I'm watching this one for you Park Sung-woong!


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