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Park Hee-soon's November SURE Photoshoot

Park Hee-soon is looking sharp and creepy in his new photoshoot for SURE which uses a lot of dark color such as navy blue and black creating an ominous atmosphere. Park gives off a "madman" vibe for the photoshoot, but all the photos each have their own subtle differences.

My favorite is the one with the candlestick. Maybe it's the angle or lighting but I feel this particular photo captures his sharpiness well, and I like the vibe the photo emits. He looks like a rich, evil lord living in his castle on top of the destitute mountain where lightning always strikes. Overall, the photos are interesting, and plus, Park looks good in them all.

Though I think Park should get more chances to do bright photoshoots like the recent Cosmopolitan one, he does dark so well that I'm not complaining. Currently, Park has been casted in The Client which also stars Jang Hyuk and Ha Jung-woo (wow, what a line-up! sounds good already) where he will be playing the prosecuter against Ha's lawyer character.