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Happy Birthday Park Sung-woong

Happy [Belated] Birthday!

Well, this is embarrassingly late, and even worse, I don't have tons of pictures to spam this post with. Anyways, can't believe how quickly time is flying by. I hope Park Sung-woong had a lovely birthday and spent it with his loved ones. He's so awesome and adorable when he's with his wife and kid.

Well, that's it for the solo shots (I told you I didn't have a lot). The rest are with his beautiful wife, actress Shin Eun-jung, and his two (almost three) year old son Park Sang-woo.

I lied... here are two more photos of Park Sung-woong alongside of fellow actor Choi Dae-chul acting playful on the set of Gaksital. They were my favorites.

An entire, recent interview with Park Sung-woong in Korean and without subtitles...

Teaser for The New World which stars Choi Min-shik, Hwang Jung-min, Lee Jung-jae, and Park Sung-woong. Caveat, Park doesn't show up in the teaser since he isn't a lead actor... but it still looks tense and awesome.