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New Drama for Park Sung-woong

Park Sung-woong's new drama She is Wow premieres Thursday, April 18. He plays a famous news anchor, Gong Jung-han, who's married to a beautiful actress, Jo A-ra, played by Oh Hyun-gyung. They appear to be the perfect star couple, but in reality, they are nothing more than empty-shells and a far cry from their touted perfect images. 

Jin Young (the staple idol cast member that every great drama needs) plays Gong and Jo's rebellious son Gong Min-gyu who they like to keep hidden and away from the media. Gwon Yool (Pieta) plays Ji Sung-gi, a hardworking and idealistic college student who lost his parents in high school and is unaware of the harsh realities of the world. He becomes romantically involved with Gong Jung-han.

Han Jung-soo and Ahn Sun-young play a couple, Choi Go-ya and Jin Bo-yuh respectively. He was once a famous baseball player who is gifted with incredible stamina but a lack of wits. She just wants to have children and be a normal housewife, yet after tens years of being married and continuous attempts, they still remain childless. Then to complicate matters, Jo A-ra's family moves in next door.

I don't really know what to expect. I'm thinking it'll steer more toward makjang and convoluted relationships like the other makjang tvN dramas a la Yellow Boots (bleh...), but I'll try to keep an open mind about it. At least it's only 12 episodes long.


Behind the Scenes (Poster Photo shoot):

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