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Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

Jung Jae-young always seems to be doing a new project, one after another. As a fan, it makes me giddy but also curious as to when he rests. Not too many pictures of him but lots of stills from his movies this year and upcoming. I can't wait to see him in these projects, plus King's Wrath (no photos here) sounds awesome but that could just be because it has Jung and Park Sung-woong!
Oh gosh, that look
Oh gosh, that smile
Stills from Our Sunhi

Love the fall colors
Master of the Blank Expression
He looks so tired... someone give the man a cup of coffee!
I feel like he's almost always holding a cigarette
I really like this photo. Maybe this should have been the movie the rain!
They look drunk... like for real
Jung Yoo-mi looks extra happy compared to the other two

Stills from AM 11:00
Out of all the posters, I like him best in this one. The others make him look... funny. Though this one is cutting it close
It's just me but his expression... it's so blank
Strutting like a boss
Are they staring at a glass screen? Oooh... I see nothing
Twin expressions!
Glowing paper! The future is amazing

The life of the party has returned!
Stare-down or...
That face!

Looking dandy with the above mentioned autograph
What is that circle thing on his jacket?
Not gonna lie, dude in the back scared me for a second

He looks so happy! Probably the effects of his drink

Something about the angle but I just like this shot

Stills from Plan Man 
Bespectacled and looking adorable
He looks so tall in the back

Stills from Hovering Blade (I hope it comes out soon, feels like a really long time since I first heard about it)

Happy Birthday


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