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Assembly: Episode 1 Screencaps

I've taken a bunch of screencaps (of mostly Jung Jae-young) and posted them below the jump. This is not a formal recap.

The Ruthless Businessman: Cameo by Jo Jae-hyun
Bashing the legal system...
... and being kicked out for it.
Hong Chan-mi (Kim Seo-hyung) v. Choi In-kyung (Song Yoon-ah)
I'm Enjoying Her More than the Female Protagonist
Sung Ji-roo is such a natural
A bit heavy-handed with the symbolism but still a nice contrast.
If you can kind of see Taek-yun's face.
My bias is too obvious.
The start of a new beginning... or will it be the end?
His "I don't give a sh**" Face.
What a blatant eavesdropper. How did they not notice the door widely opened with her standing right there?

Verdict: "..."
It's not a bad show, but it's missing a certain spark that hinders it from being compelling and intricate. I will continue regardless, but another episode might help me make a better verdict.


  1. Thanks for your lovely screencaps. Taecyeon? Taecyeon who? I couldn't take my eyes off JJY either, not just because I love the guy but also because I wanted to see how he did in his first drama. And I thought he was pretty compelling in episode 1, bringing a combination of fiery righteousness and bone-deep weariness. However, I do agree that episode 1 was a bit run of the mill, and I feel that the main female is being written and/or played in a way that doesn't do justice to serious female politicians everywhere. Still, it's nice to see mature women rather than pretty young things in central roles for a change. And I suspect this is going to turn out to be one of those shows that the usual fans complain so bitterly about: the romance-free heavy-themes drama. I hope it fills the void that A New Leaf left in my heart (though I also think it's not going to be anywhere as cynical as that earlier show). Looking forward to more posts from you about Assembly!

    1. I doubt the "usual" fans will complain too much; it probably won't be on their radars.
      I haven't seen the next episode yet, but hopefully I'll be able to post more in the near future because Jung Jae-young is quite compelling. I like your description of "fiery righteousness and bone-deep weariness", very apt.


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