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Behind the Camera

Director Lee Jae-yong of the movie Actresses, has a new film about to hit the theaters later this month. Like his previous work, Director Lee's Behind the Camera is sort of a documentary... heck, I'll be honest, I have no clue what the movie is.

Basic premise: fourteen actors, a movie to film, and now here's the catch, no director on set. Albeit, Director Lee will still be directing, but throughout the movie, he'll only converse with the crew on set through the internet via video chat. Tensions run high as the absence of a physical director is sorely felt by cast and crew while the cameras still roll, capturing all the interactions behind the scenes.

The cast is quite the plethora of names and credentials. To name some, Yoon Yeo-jung (The Housemaid), Park Hee-soon (The Client), Kang Hye-jung (The Marriage Plot), Oh Jung-sae (I Miss You), Kim Min-hee (Helpless), Kim Ok-bin (Thirst), Ryu Duk-hwan (Faith), Lee Ha-nee (I am the King), Kim Nam-jin (First Love of the Prince), Choi Hwa-jung (Greatest Love), Kim C (from the band Hot Potato), Jung Eun-chae (A Psychic), Esom (Ghost), and others. Yeesh, that was long.


The trailer intrigues me, but I really don't know how much of it is show for the cameras so they actually have a film at the end of the day or if it's all "real". Granted, it's probably more of a shade of grey than a black and white situation, but still... Anyways, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Via Movie Naver