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Park Hee-soon's Return to the Small Screen


After six years, Park Hee-soon is returning to dramaland in the up-coming SBS drama All about my Romance slated for an April, Wednesday-Thursday time slot. He'll play the second lead who helps the heroine who is a rookie politician. No confirmation about the female lead, though Han Hye-jin was cast but dropped. Lee Min-jung's name is being attached, but I hope that doesn't solidify. In the lead is Shin Ha-kyun who plays another politician who's on the opposite party of the heroine, but (obviously) they get romantically entangled and hijinks ensue.

Park's management company confirmed the casting today stating that he picked the drama because the script was fun and his friendship with Shin Ha-kyun had a positive effect.

I feel super happy that Park is returning to the small screen, but being second fiddle in a rom-com doesn't scream exciting or great to me. May be, just may be, he'll be a fun and cool second lead who isn't mentally deranged or a wet rag. At least for consolation, the lead is Shin Ha-kyun and not some young-un' who I'll want to wail in agony to see get the girl while my poor ahjussi-oppa gets the boot. My heart, it's already going through the wringer just thinking about deciding between Park and Shin. I know who'll come out in top in the end, but still, I love them both and wish them the best.

Woot, this drama could be absolute poopy garbage, but I'll enjoy every single second of it (or at least the seconds Park or Shin are on the screen, and especially if they're together). 

For the time being, we can watch Shin's new movie trailer for Running Man. The movie seems like fun, and Shin looks like an adorable dork.