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Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon

There wasn't a lot of news about projects concerning Park Hee-soon last year because he went back to his old theater troupe during the summer (pictures below). However, he signed up for an upcoming drama on OCN which starts in March. I also read a recent article saying he did sign up for the movie co-starring with Shin Ha-kyun and Ryu Seung-soo which goes into production in March. I don't know if the movie filming is accurate (though I wish it were true), but after a bit of a break, it seems like Park Hee-soon will be quite busy for a while. As a fan, I'm always excited to see him in a new role. Hopefully he at least enjoys/enjoyed his birthday.

That's enough from me. Pic spam following jump!

Pictures from the play:

Gifs from Running Man a while ago (when he was promoting The Suspect):

Happy Birthday Park Hee-soon!


  1. I'm waiting for OCN's drama with high expectations. I've missed Hee Soon so much. I've seen trailers and it sounds interesting. But movie ? I hope it's true, I'll be waiting for more info !


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