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Script Reading for M

I was planning to wait and post after official descriptions, posters, trailers, and such were released, but Park Hee-soon's hair was too much for me not to share. He's sporting the shag look again after opting for short haircuts in his most recent projects. Of course, this is just the script reading, so the characters will probably all look different, but the more I think about it, the more I actually want to see a veteran police officer sporting a fifty-fifty part. It defies norms and would be a visually distinct choice. Granted, if Kim Kang-woo is also going for the fifty-fifty, then it wouldn't be as distinct.

I'm really happy Park Hee-soon is in a new project even if I did wish his next project was a movie rather than a drama. But beggars can't be choosers.

About the drama: It is tentatively called M (실종느와르 M), slated for ten episodes, and plans to premier Saturday, March 28 on OCN. The drama is about a special investigation unit that looks at the 1% of missing persons cases.

Kim Kang-woo plays Gil Soo-hyun who's a super genius with a 187 IQ. He holds multiple PhDs from Harvard and became a researcher at NASA at the age of fifteen but decided to join the FBI. I'll pause and let you laugh at the ridiculousness of that character description. I'm hoping it's wrong, since the official description has not been formally released, because that's really pushing my suspension of belief and I have a pretty high tolerance.

Park Hee-soon plays Oh Dae-young, a 20-year police veteran who sticks to the letter of the law but is good at lying. He's only got a high school equivalency exam, but has seven years of experience in missing persons investigations and puts all his effort in even the small cases no one notices. He solves cases using his instincts and will clash with Gil Soo-hyun who's all about brains.

Jo Boa rounds out the core team as Jin Seo-joon, a previous hacker who is now a senior police officer in the cyber crime division. Other people include Park So-hyun (My Dear Cat) who plays a medical examiner and Kim Kyu-chul (Golden Cross, Shark) who will be playing Director Park Jung-do.