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Jung Jae-young and Jun Do-hyun are cast in Countdown

Jung Jae-young has been cast in Countdown with Jun Do-hyun (pictured below). Jung plays 100% success rate, loan shark Tae Gun-ho, and Jun plays the beautiful swindler Cha Ha-yun whose whole existence is built on lies. Tae Gun-ho is a ruthless man who places his life as collateral and relentlessly chases Cha Ha-yun trying to make her pay back her loan. Cha ha-yun is an ex-convict who has just been released from jail and manipulates Tae Gun-ho in order to hit the jackpot.

The film is described as a human, action drama. Human is supposed to mean that it’s heartfelt and is not an emphasis that the movie is about humans and not blue aliens (I think). Jung Jae-young and Jun Do-hyun worked together on No Blood, No Tears (2002) so after a decade, the two actors have reunited.

I'm happy to see Jung in another film. I'm even more excited to hear that he's playing a ruthless loan shark. Since his character is supposedly going to move the audience (and in a new way to boot!), I suspect that Tae Gun-ho is not going to be completely heartless. The role reminds me of Jung's Dong Chi-sung from Righteous Ties. He was a gangster but a simple-minded and loyal gangster that I really liked. I love it when Jung plays characters that are not stereotypically likeable from the start but characters that build on you and become loveable.

Jun Do-hyun is famous with projects like The Housemaid, Secret Sunshine, and Lovers in Prague. I haven't seen a lot of her works. The only thing that she was in that I actually watched and finished was Lovers in Prague, and I didn't like her character. That's not to say she's a bad actress, on the contrary she is very talented. I'm sure she and Jung will do fabulous, so I can't help but anticipate.