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Dream High Episode 1: Uhm Ki-joon as Kang Oh-hyuk

NOTE: The following is not an actual recap of the drama but is more of a concentrated recap of the character Kang Oh-hyuk in Dream High.

Quick Synopsis:
Kirin High School is not just simply a school but a place where stars are born. Six students each with their own strengths and weaknesses fight and struggle to reach the top. Let the battle BEGIN!

The Six Students:

 Go Hye-mi – strong vocal skills but stubborn and prejudice

Song Sam-dong – musical genius but is a total country bumpkin

Jin-gook (Hyun Shi-hyuk) – great dance skills but troubled family history

Yoon Baek-hee – inferiority complex against Hye-mi

Jason – good at singing and dancing (from the United States of America)

Kim Pil-sook –has the singing talent but lacks in appearance; has a crush on Jason

Episode 1

We first see Kang Oh-hyuk (played by Uhm Ki-joon) welcoming the chairman of Kirin High School with his fellow teachers. The chairman is Jung Ha-myung played by Bae Yong-joon.
Kang Oh-hyuk is a teacher at Kirin High School but is dismissed by both his colleagues and students. He tells his students to bend over, relax their throats, and breathe using their abdominal muscles. However, his students are busy fixing their makeup or listening to music. Once the bell rings, they all leave without even a backward glance. Kang Oh-hyuk helplessly watches them exit, accepting his lack of authority and respect as a teacher.

The situation is worse when he is with the other teachers. Kang Oh-hyuk attends the staff meeting and is chastised for having the worst record for three years straight. He tries to hide in shame but his phone rings causing more unnecessary attention. Top teacher Shi Kyung-jin (Lee Yoon-ji) calls out Kang Oh-hyuk for his phone and mockingly asks him to pick it up. Kang Oh-hyuk answers the phone but is surprised to hear who the caller is.
Kang Oh-hyuk arrives at the designated meeting place with a heavy face. Lo and behold, the drama heroine Go Hye-mi appears looking cross. As Kang Oh-hyuk is handing over his keys for valet parking, his face drops as Hye-mi kicks his side view mirror. Poor car.

The two enter the restaurant and Hye-mi orders lots of food in order to vent her anger. Kang Oh-hyuk tries to make small talk and reveals that it has been seven or eight years since they’ve met. He asks why she didn’t bring her little sister to which Hye-mi vehemently replies, “Hye-sung (her little sister) doesn’t know the things you’ve done.”
Kang Oh-hyuk makes the mistake of saying, “What do you mean by things. What did I do?” and laughs.
Hye-mi slams her utensils on the table and yells, “You seduced my mother and made my parents get a divorce!”
Kang Oh-hyuk looks around the restaurant in embarrassment.
That explains the resentment… but I guess the dad really had no other connections since he sent his kids to the man his wife cheated with. The show better have explanations about their past, or I might be very disappointed.

Hye-mi explains her current situation and offers Kang Oh-hyuk the chance to redeem himself. She and her sister are about to be homeless because their father’s business went bankrupt, and he is currently in Canada looking for help. Kang Oh-hyuk has no choice but to agree. However, life is hard for him too, and he does not have the leisure to watch over them.  Consequentially, Kang Oh-hyuk finds the opportunity to escape and does. Hye-mi chases after him to no avail.

Due to the loan sharks after her father, Hye-mi tries out for Kirin in order to become a top star and make lots of money. When it’s Hye-mi’s turn, Kang Oh-hyuk looks through the door and watches her audition.

My Thoughts:
Episode 1 was okay. The drama gets better, and Kang Oh-hyuk gets more screen time. The acting wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Suzy is still awkward and stiff here and there, but even some more experienced actors are too. Overall, I love Uhm Ki-joon, but his character is still "meh" in episode 1.