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Dream High Episode 2: Uhm Ki-joon as Kang Oh-hyuk

The interaction between Kang Oh-hyuk and Hye-sung (Hye-mi's little sister) was adorable. This episode had a lot more Kang Oh-hyuk moments which means a lot more scenes of smiling Uhm Ki-joon.

NOTE: The following is not an actual recap of the drama but is more of a concentrated recap of the character Kang Oh-hyuk in Dream High.
Unlike in episode 1, Kang Oh-hyuk will be shortened to Kang in the following recap.

Episode 2

Hye-mi fails the audition and now its Jin-gook’s friend’s turn. However, right now he’s in the bathroom and sending an S.O.S. to his friend to stall time. Jin-gook goes out into the room and notices a fire extinguisher. He starts spraying the security guards and teacher Kang gets attacked in the process.

President Jung Ha-myung calls out Jin-gook for his actions and tells him to dance instead if he wants to stall. Jin-gook leaves and Kang watches him go. Strangely, rather than looking mad, Kang looks more curious and worried for Jin-gook.

After the auditions, Kang helps clean up and tries to do his best to look good to his superiors since he's teetering between unemployment. As he mops, teacher Shi Kyung-jin comes up to him and tells him he doesn't need to try so hard. The board of Kirin High School just decided his outcome: he's fired. Kang drops his mop as his shoulders sag, and Shi smiles, enjoying the moment. Man, he looks so sad. Come here and I'll give you a hug.

After hearing that Hye-mi failed the auditions, she gets captured by the shark loans, but her younger sister Hye-sung witnesses everything and calls for help. As Hye-mi is forced to wear a horrible costume and sing, a figure enters through the door.

Hye-mi and the shark loan look in shock as none other than Kang appears. He declares that Hye-mi is a special student at Kirin, and he is a teacher there. He whips out his ID like a cop badge, and I laugh at his picture. He looks so nerdy... I love him!

The shark loan invites Kang for coffee, and they discuss Hye-mi’s future. The shark loan is displeased and announces that Kang’s profile isn’t very good. He’s known for sending all his students to hell and questions both Kang’s capabilities to teach and Hye-mi’s capabilities to be a star. Kang doesn’t back down and firmly states that he won’t send her to hell.

Kang takes the two Go sisters to his house which is actually his sister’s place. His sister is not pleased and vents her anger out on Kang. She kicks, hits and pulls his hair screaming that this isn’t some orphanage. Kang tries to calm her down and explain that his job is on the line. Due to his record, he was fired, but President Jung gave him one last chance. If he is able to bring the three students of the special class to school before the opening ceremony, he’ll keep his job. His sister understands but doesn’t mean she’s willing to not hit him out of frustration. Hye-mi eavesdrops on their conversation.

The next day, Kang wakes up to see Hye-sung at the table with breakfast all set.

Hye-sung comments that his sister has quite the personality. Kang smiles and says that it’s not as bad as Hye-mi. They toast to milk and bread over their common familial relationship: they both have bad-tempered olders sisters. I know Hye-mi currently hates Kang's guts, but I'm glad to see Hye-sung on friendly terms with Kang. Since she is ignorant of the past, it's nice to see Kang smile with someone who doesn't hate him for once. 

Hye-sung tells Kang that Hye-mi left to some village. Kang yells out in surprise and accidently sends some crumbs flying. Hye-sung lifts up her bread to shield herself. They are so cute together!

Kang calls Hye-mi and asks why she’s down there. Hye-mi tells him that she overheard his conversation with his sister. Since he needs to find two other people in order for the special class to initiate, she decided to go search for Song Sam-dong and tells Kang to look for the other one, Hyun Shi-hyuk.

Kang goes around looking for Hyun Shi-hyuk which is actually the real name of Jin-gook. Kang hears from Jin-gook’s friend about their basement club and goes there in hopes of finding him. Luckily, Jin-gook is there but is on the floor unconscious. Kang runs over while yelling his name.

My Thoughts:
Episode 2 was better than 1. I’m not completely sold by 1 & 2, but I can see the potential. I’m starting to like Kang more, and his scenes with Hye-sung were gold. They need more scenes together asap!