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Dream High Episode 4: Uhm Ki-joon as Kang Oh-hyuk

The drama keeps getting better which is a major plus. However, I have yet to fallen into the "can't wait for the next episode" category after finishing episodes 1-4. Hope is still not lost though! I'm enjoying it and even if it continues as is, I won't be disappointed (I didn't come in with very high expectations).
NOTE: The following is not an actual recap of the drama but is more of a concentrated recap of the character Kang Oh-hyuk in Dream High.
Kang Oh-hyuk will be shortened to Kang in the following recap.

Episode 4

During the opening ceremony, Director Shi Bum-soo introduces the new special class and asks them to come up onto the stage. Kang is wide-eyed and stutters that they haven’t prepared anything. Director Shi waves everything aside and continues to usher them on stage.

The other students start to chant until Hye-mi can’t take it any longer. She stands up and goes up on stage with Jin-gook following behind. Kang can only look with worry as the two enter the limelight.

Jin-gook freaks out from the flashes and leaves the stage. The students start to chant and boo Hye-mi off stage. Hye-mi goes home and tries to find comfort in her little sister but is constantly reminded of that moment.
The next morning as she leaves, Hye-mi’s heel breaks, and she releases her vent up anger. She cries that life is unfair and that she isn’t Candy. Her wails cause everyone to come out and look. Kind-hearted and love-sick Sam-dong tries to comfort her but only gets backlash.

At school, the higher ups conduct a meeting about the future of the special class. Director Shi lays it down thick about how the special class is a ticking time bomb and how teacher Kang is not worthy to teach at Kirin. They hold a vote and unanimously, they all vote to cut the special class. President Jung offers a different option: he’ll leave but the class and Kang stay. Since he was the one to bring up this crazy idea, he will be the one to take the responsibilities. Director Shi is appointed chairman of the board of Kirin High School, and President Jung leaves.
President Jung calls Kang to his office and passes on his baton. He had intended this to be his fight, but now it looks like it will be Kang’s fight. President Jung advises him that it is only the beginning of a tough fight.

Kang can’t believe President Jung is pinning his hopes on him. He’s the failure! As he returns to his desk, he sees his old notebook from high school and a short letter from President Jung. 23 years ago, he had borrowed his notebook and now he is returning it in and hopes that Kang will reread it and find the answers he seeks. (Lol, sounds like Star Wars)

Kang reads his notebooks and contemplates how he was such a good student. He flips through the pages and smiles at the old memories and dreams.

However, Kang stops on a page and his face turns solemn. It reads: 20 years later, to become an adult the current me won’t be embarrassed of, Kang Oh-hyuk fighting!
That must sting. It shows us not only did Kang once dream, but the present Kang realizes his faults and lack of a dream. I’m rooting for you Kang!

Kang meets up with Hye-mi and Jin-gook but Sam-dong is nowhere to be found. They overhear a couple students talking on the phone. Apparently some bumpkin is challenging Jason to a sing-off. The news about a country boy perks up their ears as they follow the crowd to the source of the fire.

They see Sam-dong next to Jason (the top dog amongst the newbies) and Hye-mi is insistantly apprehensive since she thinks he sucks. Kang tells Hye-mi to let him sing and before Hye-mi can protest any longer, the battle has begun. Sam-dong is surprisingly good but is bested by Jason and his overall skill.

When everyone gets back home, Hye-mi is disheartened to hear that Kang’s sister is back from her business trip. However, once she enters, Kang’s sister is gushing all over Sam-dong. She has Jin-gook and Sam-dong sit next to her and bats her eyes for them.

Kang tries to take his sister’s happy mood to their advantage and tries to convince her to take in Hye-mi. Kang states that Hye-mi will do chores around the house and receives a glare from Hye-mi. Kang silently pleads that he'll do everything, so please let's just overcome this obstacle first.

Kang’s sister gives Hye-mi a not-so-satisfied look conveying disdain of the highest order.

Even Hye-mi, though, cannot ruin her mood, as Kang’s sister suggests that they have some wine. Kang winces at the mention of wine and tries to stop her. Before they knew what hit them, she’s drunk and petting Kang’s head. She’s sobbing and talking about her “poor brother” (if only she knew… if only).

Then she becomes hilariously violent and pulls Kang’s hair. She yells at him that she bought this house to live with her husband and not with him!

Finally, she goes off the deep end and wraps toilet paper around her head while singing the wedding march. Kang grabs her and drags her out of the room. Everyone is wide-eyed in shock and terror. Sam-dong declares he’s never drinking.

Kang pulls an all-nighter typing up what seems like to be a report. He dozes off but slaps himself in order to stay awake and finish. I know how you feel buddy.

The next morning he hands in his report to Director Shi who is amused. The report highlights that music is an art. Director Shi praises Kang and says he likes his ideas. Kang proudly states that once he has his mind on it, he’s the type to do well.

But it wouldn’t be like Director Shi if he were suddenly to be reasonable or worst yet… nice! No worries, he still has a stick up his butt and tells teacher Kang to move to the outcast classroom where music isn’t taught. Our Kang is not some dumb duckling (he may be an innocent puppy but no dumb duck) and understands that they are being thrown away. He openly states this fact and finally comprehends what President Jung meant when he warned him “it’s only the beginning of a tough fight.”

My Thoughts:

This episode had less Kang, but thankfully, the students are growing on me, and I find myself enjoying Dream High. Initially I had my doubts but now most of those doubts have disappeared. The drama has become less self-absorbed and dramatic, and I love the interactions. There was a totally random scene in this episode where Director Shi plays the saxophone in his office, but despite the flaws, it’s a fun ride.