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Dream High Episode 3: Uhm Ki-joon as Kang Oh-hyuk

It's getting better. There were more scenes of Kang Oh-hyuk in this episode than in episode 1 or episode 2. Kang is growing more as a character and so are the students. Overall, though I didn't want to admit it, I'm getting slightly excited for Dream High.

NOTE: The following is not an actual recap of the drama but is more of a concentrated recap of the character Kang Oh-hyuk in Dream High.
Kang Oh-hyuk will be shortened to Kang in the following recap.

Episode 3

Kang is meeting with President Jung who gives him a special assignment. Kang’s job is to find three students to make up the special class: Go Hye-mi, Hyun Shi-hyuk (Jin-gook), and Song Sam-dong. Kang is hesitant and asks why he has to find these kids who, even worse, are riddled with problems. President Jung replies that the students remind him of teacher Kang. Though they don’t amount to anything, they give him the feeling that they will be something.

In the countryside, Hye-mi is faced with a problem. Sam-dong wants her to wear a sack on national television! Hye-mi’s imagination gets the better of her as she pictures Kang shaking her for failing to bring Sam-dong to Kirin. Hye-mi and her sister get kicked out by Kang’s sister, and Hye-mi imagines Hye-sung dying. Her last words are “if only…” Hye-mi decides to wear the sack.

Meanwhile, Kang is currently at the hospital with Jin-gook who needs a CAT scan. Kang searches through Jin-gooks cell phone and calls someone in hopes that it may be his guardian.

Back in the countryside, Hye-mi asks Sam-dong to go to Seoul with her, but he declines. She calls Kang to report her failure. Kang sighs and says he didn’t expect her to succeed anyways. Hye-mi states that she hasn’t given up and will definitively bring him with her using her ultimate plan: her beauty.

Kang hangs up and goes to check up on Jin-gook. Kang asks a nurse about Jin-gook and is told that he’s already left.

The person Kang had called earlier was, in fact, Jin-gook’s father. Jin-gook left the hospital to meet him but is only given the cold shoulder. Jin-gook is hurt by his father’s detached behavior and asks why he can’t ask about how he feels or who did this to him like other, regular fathers. Kang goes back to the basement where he first found Jin-gook, and they meet again. Kang rushes up to him and asks all the questions Jin-gook wanted to hear from his father.

Jin-gook tells Kang that he’s hungry so Kang buys him dinner. However, Jin-gook is more than Kang bargained for as he continuous to shovel bowl after bowl without even thinking of stopping.

Jin-gook asks why Kang is looking for him, so Kang introduces himself. Kang says they met during auditions, but Jin-gook says he doesn’t remember. Kang awkwardly laughs… adorkably.

Kang follows Jin-gook who asks Kang if he can make him as famous as Michael Jackson. Kang admits that Michael Jackson is one of a kind and the chances are slim to none (like 0.00001%)! Jin-gook then asks what would be the point in trying if he can’t even amount to that. Jin-gook’s words hit a chord with Kang who remembers President Jung’s words. Kang stops the elevator and asks what level Jin-gook is going to: eleven.

Kang says the chances of him beating Jin-gook would probably be 0.00001%... so Kang makes a bet. If he beats Jin-gook, then he will reconsider attending Kirin. Jin-gook smiles and accepts. Kang counts to three and runs off. The elevator doors start to close and then open again. Kang left his shoe behind to give him a few seconds. (Even though he knows that he’ll most likely lose, it’s cute to see him trying so hard. He’s like a little kid.)

Jin-gook holds Kang’s shoe as the elevator slowly ascends. Kang runs up the stairs with all his might…

but eleven flights of stairs are a lot. Kang starts huffing and puffing but pushes forwards.

Kang arrives on the eleventh floor and passes out on the floor. No Jin-gook!

The elevator doors open, and Kang sees Jin-gook inside. Kang smiles and says he won. He looks so happy!

Jin-gook gives him back his shoe and tells him that he lost. He had arrived first but had just decided to not get off. Kang continues to smile and says that he still won since Jin-gook didn’t get off the elevator. Jin-gook can only smile and asks if he has a spare room.  They are both so cute! Jin-gook chooses to stay on and decide his own future. Kang runs up eleven flights of stairs and thinks he’s beaten an elevator. They are both such dreamers and have adorable smiles!

Back at Kirin, Kang meets President Jung who introduces him to the new English teacher Yang Jin-man. Kang recognizes Jin-man who curtly says he’s never seen him before. Hmm….

President Jung asks Kang to show Jin-man around the school to which Kang eagerly agrees. He smiles completely oblivious to the obvious negative vibes Jin-man is sending him.

Once the two are alone, Jin-man grabs Kang by his collar and tells him he remembers everything. He remembers how Kang seduced him into becoming a singer, how he bailed on him during their first broadcast, and how Kang had forced him use his savings to pay the contract fees. Kang sure has made some stupid mistakes in his life, but no better time than now to make amends!

At home, Hye-mi returns only to be surprised by a half-naked Jin-gook roaming around the house. She talks with (more like yells at) Kang for allowing Jin-gook into the house. Kang dismisses her cries and mentions that Jin-gook even said he’d pay rent. Hye-mi scoffs and asks how he can let a gangster into his home just because of money.

Kang makes a mistake and blurts, “Well, there are people who live with their enemies because of money like you guys.”
Hye-mi is hurt but states with disdain and unbelief, “At least you know you’re our enemy.”
Kang stops what he’s doing and mulls over her words. He understands that he went too far and quietly declares to himself, “Enemy… yeah, I’m an enemy.”
I don’t the full story but it seems like at least Kang regrets hurting the girls because of his actions.

My Thoughts:

It is definitely getting better. Song Sam-dong was introduced in this episode, but alas, he had no scenes with Kang so no mention. The drama is getting more interesting, and I’m hoping that once all the main characters get into Kirin, the battles and plot will move faster.
I loved how Kang had so many expressions and emotions in this episode. Uhm Ki-joon is fabulous (like always) and made me laugh, swoon, cry, and hit my forehead in exasperation. If Dream High ever decides to go down the drain (which I believe it won't), at least I have Uhm Ki-joon and his Kang Oh-hyuk as a safety net. Team Kang all the way!