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Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young

After quite a busy streak with three films released this year alone, there hasn't been too much news about Jung Jae-young's new project (though I'm pretty sure he's either picking or negotiating since who wouldn't want to have Jung star in their film). Anyways, pic spam following the jump like always.

In case you didn't know, Jung Jae-young and Park Sung-woong were in the same movie (The Fatal Encounter) and recently were in the same outerwear photoshoot. So here are some pictures of them together!
Here are some photos from BIFF 2014:

Why yes, Park is motioning to Jung's family's jewels. It's a joke Park keeps repeating because Jung played a eunuch in the movie... I know, it's lame, but still, I can't help but laugh because it's so lame!

Happy Birthday Jung Jae-young


  1. Can't take my eyes .. He's such manly .. and cute at the same time


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