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What Happens to My Family Ep 26: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

Tae-joo is making great strides, and his earnest, quiet confession to Kang-shim was awesome. Also, his relationship with Eun-ho is going strong. Thus, lots of good expressions by Tae-joo this episode!

It looks like Baek's plans to interfere are being thwarted, but hopefully, the Chairman soon gets aboard the Kang-shim & Tae-joo ship.

The Cha family gets prepared for battle and head out.

Both sides meet with the judge who questions Kang-shim first. She tells him that this case is absurd and feels betrayed by their father, even questioning if Daddy Cha ever thought of them as his children. The judge asks how much Kang-shim gave to her father after getting her job. He then compares her meager amount to how much Daddy Cha spent on her and corrects her by saying that no father would spend that much if he didn't think of them as his children. Kang-shim doesn't have much to say after that.

The judge reprimands each son next, and it looks like the tide is in Daddy Cha's favor. They leave hte meeting and are frustrated with the turn of events. Byun and Daddy Cha also come out, and like always, Kang-shim butts heads with the snarky Byun.

She stomps away, and Byun leads Daddy Cha out. Kang-jae calls after his father and asks if he's enjoying all of this. Daddy Cha tells them it's too early to tell, and Dal-bong has the saddest little boy face. Aw, Dal-bong might be an immature idiot sometimes, but he is rather sweet and adorable.

Baek saunters into Tae-joo's office, again. He's surprised, and she keeps up her act of considerate stepmother. She notices the investment plan he's reading, and she asks if he promised Eun-ho to invest in the restaurant. He tells her that he only received a proposal. She asks him to refuse Eun-ho, and she turns away to leave.

Tae-joo asks why she's trying to stop Eun-ho from doing something he wants. She looks at him and says she's just doing what a mother should do. She simply wants Eun-ho to succeed. He says that it appears that she's only emphasizing success, and asks about Eun-ho's happiness.

She tells Tae-joo that he doesn't understand: with success comes happiness. Tae-joo smiles and says that she has the order wrong. He says that sometimes if you're happy, then success will come. Wow Tae-joo, you've really grown, haven't you?

Baek seems genuinely surprised but adds that Eun-ho is her son and she knows him the best. Tae-joo says that parents don't have to know everything about their child. He says the Chairman thinks he knows him, but in reality, there's more the Chairman doesn't know about Tae-joo. She holds back her anger, and tells Tae-joo that this matter is between her and Eun-ho. He looks visibly hurt (or uncomfortable) at her distancing.

Have no fear though, Tae-joo calls Eun-ho afterwards probably to Baek's chagrin. Eun-ho is worried that his mom made Tae-joo promise not to invest. He doesn't say anything at first, but then tells Eun-ho that he's coming over tonight so have three of his best dishes ready. He'll decide to invest after tasting his food. Eun-ho bursts into a smile, and Tae-joo smiles at Eun-ho's nervousness and relief. Take that Baek! The brotherly bond is strong between these two!

The Cha siblings are back home and depressed. Young-sul's husband tells them that Ms. Go is here meeting Daddy Cha, and Kang-shim storms out. Kang-shim calls Ms. Go outside, and the two have a standoff. Kang-shim asks what she did to turn their kind father against his family. Ms. Go doesn't mince her words and attacks the Cha siblings about their selfish behavior towards their father.

Kang-shim is flabbergasted and asks her dad if she's the reason why he sued them. She cries that they missed their father's birthday and their mother's memorial not out of disrespect but because they were all too busy trying to survive. They thought that even if the world turned against them, at least they're father would understand them and how hard they tried.

Ms. Go says that there's no one here willingly to put up with her baby-act. She leads Daddy Cha away as Kang-shim wails outside. Ms. Go apologies to Daddy Cha for being rude, and tells him that she wants him to win. I do think Ms. Go is overstepping, but Kang-shim was rude to her first.

Kang-shim yells that this is war now, but everyone else tries to calm her down because the fastest way to end this is by convincing Daddy Cha to discharge. She shouts that they have no way to convince their dad when that lady is blocking their path.

Tae-joo and Kang-shim have finished work for the day. He looks at her and asks if her meeting did not go well since she's been looking gloomy all day. She tells him that she rather not talk about her personal life at work. He understands, and then tells her to follow him as he leaves with a smile.

Kang-shim chases after him calling out "director" as she follows. Tae-joo just looks over his shoulder with his signature grin and scampers off like a little kid. The Chairman happens to catch them running off and looks disapprovingly.

Tae-joo and Kang-shim sit in front of a set table as Eun-ho explains the dishes. Kang-shim asks what's going on, and Tae-joo explains that he's thinking of investing in this restaurant. He wants her to taste the food and give her honest opinion.

Seo-wool comes in to serve water, and she and Kang-shim share a small smile of recognition. She's about to leave when Eun-ho grabs her and introduces Seo-wool as the girl of his unrequited love. She and Kang-shim stare in shock. Kang-shim gives Seo-wool a little eyebrow raise, and Seo-wool vehemently denies any and all claims.

Seo-wool rushes out in embarrassment, and Eun-ho runs out after her. Tae-joo stares after them and says aloud that he's got a pretty good taste in women. Downstairs, the Chairman has just arrived and doesn't looks happy at all.

Tae-joo asks why Kang-shim isn't eating, and she tells him that she should leave now. She says that she knows he's doing this for her and is thankful. He says that what she really means is that she's thankful but finds it burdensome.

She says she's not in a situation where she can enjoy such things. He tells her that he understands that she's having a hard time, but she should try to be more relaxed because of it. He says that he doesn't want to push her, but he doesn't want to give up without even giving their relationship a chance.

Kang-shim tells him that she wants to be single, and he tells her so does he. However, he believes that people's opinions can change under the right circumstances and conditions. She asks if he thinks she's providing him those things. He smiles and says she just might be. He drops the honorifics and tells her that he has a hunch that it'll change.

The Chairman barges in and breaks the moment for our couple. The Chairman asks if they're on a secret date, and Tae-joo stumbles for a response. Eun-ho comes to the rescue and says that they were tasting his food. He asks the Chairman if he, too, is looking to invest. Tae-joo laughs nervously and says that they were just tasting. He looks over at Eun-ho, and the two exchange winks. Well, at least Eun-ho gives a wink and Tae-joo tries to, hahaha.

Eun-ho asks the Chairman how the food was, and he comments favorably. He then asks Tae-joo who says the sauce seems to taste better than before. The Chairman asks if he came here before, and Tae-joo slips that he came frequently before the accident. Uh-oh.

The Chairman quizzically says, "accident?" Tae-joo's smile disappears as he and Kang-shim share horrified looks. Tae-joo shakes just remembering the accident and tries to downplay it. Eun-ho pipes in saying it was a big deal since that's how he got his nickname pervert-hyung-nim. Tae-joo stares at Eun-ho like he's crazy.

The Chairman, still confused, asks if Tae-joo's taste run that way. Hahaha, so awkward. Tae-joo gapes and tells him he doesn't. He angrily stares at Eun-ho who just smiles clearly enjoying this. The Chairman wants more information, and Kang-shim explains that a while ago the director committed a perverted act against a very cool woman. Tae-joo stares at Kang-shim this time with his mouth agape.

Eun-ho says this is why he wants to get married early. The Chairman says that's wise, and Tae-joo keeps reinforcing that he isn't a pervert. Everyone just laughs at him, and the atmosphere is happy thanks to Tae-joo's (unwillingly) sacrifice. Oh Tae-joo, I foresee a future where you'll become the butt the of the joke at every family get-together. Just embrace, though you're inept attempts at denial are quite funny!

Kang-shim sees the Chairman off who's glad to see Tae-joo eating with other people with ease now. He thanks Kang-shim for her efforts though she tells him that Tae-joo changed out of his own determination. The Chairman leaves and wonders aloud in his car about those two.

Tae-joo pouts to Eun-ho and asks if he forgot that he was an investor. Eun-ho says he couldn't forget something as important as that. Tae-joo asks then why he mocked him. Eun-ho says that the atmosphere brightened because of it. He adds that Kang-shim seems to have a good sense being able to retell the story as if it wasn't about her.

Tae-joo asks if he's now badmouthing his Kang-shim, too! Eun-ho clarifies that he's praising her because now he's a fan, and Tae-joo looks pleased to hear that. Eun-ho asks how the food was, and Tae-joo says it wasn't bad. He tells Eun-ho to stop by the office tomorrow morning. Eun-ho thanks him, and Tae-joo pettily says that he hasn't agreed to invest yet. Eun-ho knows better by now, and does a little fist bump after Tae-joo leaves.

The Cha siblings all gather at the chicken shop. Kang-shim asks Dal-bong about the relationship between Seo-wool and Eun-ho. He asks how he knows about them, and she tsks at her younger brother. Kang-jae asks how they'll convince dad, and Kang-shim says that they'll have to issue an ultimatum.

They file into the house, and Aunt Cha tells the that Daddy Cha is with his lawyer. Kang-shim looks surprised and annoyed. Byun is playing baduk with Daddy Cha, and Kang-shim stares at them in disbelief. I don't blame her. It's one thing to be his lawyer, but to come to their house and play nonchalantly with his almost-once father-in-law is just bad taste.

She asks Daddy Cha why Byun is here in his room. Daddy Cha says that he's here as his lawyer. Kang-shim yells at Byun and drops the honorifics. He repeats what Daddy Cha says, and Kang-shim whacks him in the head with his purse. I probably sound like a warmonger, but I liked that Byun finally got smacked by Kang-shim. He's getting really annoying with his smugness.

Daddy Cha asks why Kang-shim keeps acting rude towards his guests, and Kang-shim finally explains that this Byun Woo-tak is the guy from fourteen years ago who betrayed her and ran away. Everyone is shocked, and Byun admits that it's true.

Dal-bong drags him out and throws him outside. Inside, Aunt Cha asks why Kang-shim didn't say anything before. She says that she was embarrassed enough as it was and didn't want them to know. Daddy Cha leaves and firmly says his stance won't change.

Kang-shim packs her suitcase even though Aunt Cha tries to stop her. She leaves the house and her brothers ask if she has anywhere to go. She says she doesn't, but she won't go back, either. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows. Daddy Cha storms to Byun's office and grabs his lapels.

Final Comments

Okay, I'll admit that when Kang-shim left the house and said she didn't have anywhere to go, the first place I thought of was her officetel. Oh my, that would have been funny though probably inappropriate. Anyways, it's a pipe dream, but I thought I'd share because just thinking about it made me giggle at the possible hijinks. Actually, I just really want to see them as a married couple because Tae-joo seems like a better homemaker, and I would love to see some gender roles being reversed.
On to other stuff! Tae-joo's speech to Baek was wonderful. Though I don't like her as a stepmother, I think her marriage to the Chairman was really good for Eun-ho even if her perceptions of what is good for him are vastly different from mine. I'm glad the lonely Eun-ho has a brother and a father figure now in his life. Also, it was great to hear Tae-joo say happiness can bring success and not necessarily the other way around. I'd argue that the past him chased after success, but now he understands that there's more to life than that.

Kang-shim's little speech to her father was woeful and nicely delivered. Though I still agree with Ms. Go (though I didn't like her delivery) that the children can't expect their father to always be there, I can understand Kang-shim's betrayal because being sued out of the blue by your father would be devastating.
During that scene, I also wondered if Ms. Go had any children of her own because she doesn't seem to understand the parent's emotions and ties to his/her children. This is why I'm lenient towards Daddy Cha because even if Kang-shim feels betrayed, Daddy Cha is still evidently in love with his children and not acting out of spite. A child can love his/her parent, but it really doesn't compare to the love of a parent to his/her child.