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What Happens to My Family Ep 22: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

The funny is back with our couple! Tae-joo continues to be adorable, Byun is a jerk, and Kang-shim is not a very good daughter this episode. Fortunately, looks like a new bromance is brewing in the horizon which I'm looking forward to.

Note: No Kang-shim picture up top because she was mean to Daddy Cha. I'm petty, too.

The Cha family is gathered around the table and enjoying a happy dinner. Kang-jae ruins the mood by suggesting to shut down the tofu business. Kang-jae, is it impossible to not be jerky son for once? Kang-shim takes Kang-jae's side and explains that he's only saying it out of concern for Daddy Cha.

The family disperses, and Aunt Cha is with Young-sul while the Cha siblings are in Kang-jae's room. Dal-bong and Young-sul are suspicious of Kang-jae, but Aunt Cha and Kang-shim give Kang-jae the benefit of the doubt. However, Kang-jae admits to his siblings that half of his concern is about Daddy Cha's health and the other half is economical. He tries to convince his sister and brother that it's for their father's future. Kang-jae just acts like the prodigal son, and I just know he'll come back to Daddy Cha asking for forgiveness in the future. However, right now I'm just disappointed in him for acting like a butt and being self-righteous. How dare he say it's for their father when he's just being blinded by greed!

Dad silently stands in the hallway looking depressed. It seems like he might have overheard their conversation which makes my heart ache.

Kang-shim walks outside and gets ppl coffee. Byun walks into her, and like a sleaze bag, he takes her coffee and drinks it. He nonchalantly says it tastes good, but Kang-shim isn't in the mood for chit-chat. She says that it's all over, so why is he back? What more does he want to say?

Byun says, "Sorry... I wanted to say sorry. Actually, that's all an excuse and garbage. In reality, I missed you." Cry me a river Byun because I don't care!

Tae-joo contemplates over Kang-shim's words and flops on the bed like the man-child he is. He jumps up and decides to call Kang-shim. He asks if it's because of that man. He wonders if she's thinking of getting back together with him and if that's the reason she told him there wasn't even a 1% chance.

Kang-shim just tells him it's what she's already said as she continues to stare at Byun. She hangs up on Tae-joo who gets antsy. He decides to call Young-sul for help. She readily answers his call, but is caught by her husband so she moves away from his chicken store to have her conversation. She walks around the corner and sees Kang-shim and Byun standing in front of the cafe. She blurts out about that man which perks Tae-joo's suspicion meter. He asks if the two are together, but she lies that they aren't and quickly hangs up the call.

Tae-joo continues to fret. Young-sul runs up to Byun and yells at him. She basically calls his apology useless by using an awesome pun. I love puns, and I love Young-sul in this scene!

Byun's returned to his sleazy mode as he hands back Kang-shim's coffee; his hands lingering a bit too long her hands in my opinion. He says they should meet up again over coffee or talk about their past over some drinks and food.

Kang-shim get furious and chucks her coffee at his face. Yeah and ouch. I'm sure it wasn't hot in real life, but still... hot coffee in my mind. She chides him for his flippant attitude and asks if those times were mere memories to share over drinks to him. Byun acts like an ass and laughs. He says that she must still have lingering feelings to react that way. He adds that it gives him hope and leaves. Yuck, Byun is the opposite of Tae-joo in that Byun is all bravado and over-confidence. He acts cocky in front of Kang-shim though I feel like it's his defense mechanism.

The next day at the office, our couple nervously watches the clock and keeps wondering what the other might be doing. Tae-joo gets a text, and he leaves the office saying he has a personal meeting to attend.

Tae-joo is actually out to see Byun about his medical bill. Another secretary sees the two together and reports to Kang-shim while she delivers her a coffee. Eun-ho stops by the office then asking for "pervert-hyung", and Kang-shim lets him wait in the office for Tae-joo.

Tae-joo glares at Byun, and Byun is flabbergasted at the bill of 2,200 won. Byun asks if he really called him all the way out here to receive that meager amount. Byun hands him 3,000 won saying he doesn't need the change. Tae-joo, petty as ever, digs through his wallet and slams 800 won on the table. He says he's strict about monetary issues.

Byun asks if they're done now and gets up to leave. Tae-joo tries to stop him and says he should at least finish his drink. Byun tells him to get to the point, and when he gets up to leave for real, Tae-joo blurts out about Kang-shim. Tae-joo asks Byun why he suddenly reappeared.

Byun sits back down and asks a question back to Tae-joo: is he dating Kang-shim? Tae-joo stutters that they aren't and that he's merely asking as her direct supervisor. Byun asks if their company even interferes in its employees' love lives, and Tae-joo yells that he caught him. He questions Byun about meeting Kang-shim last night and if he asked her to start over. Meekly, Tae-joo asks if she said she would accept him back. Byun scoffs that he heard that Tae-joo was a gentleman and a manly man beyond his league, but apparently Young-sul gave him false information. Hahaha, that's what I said!

Tae-joo is caught off guard by the comment, and Byun, acting like a jerk, tells Tae-joo that he isn't Kang-shim's type. Wow, Byun. Just to burst your high and mighty bubble, Kang-shim also happens to be falling in love with Tae-joo, too! Shows how much you know.

Byun is walking in front of the company, and Tae-joo chases after him. The Chairman is walking by and notices his son outside with someone. Tae-joo asks what right Byun has to say he isn't her type. Byun continues his sleazy streak by shouting, "Have you ever dated Kang-shim? Held her hand with fingers intertwined? Did you share ice-cream with one spoon? Have you hugged for hours or caressed each other's hair while staring into their eyes? Have you kissed until the stars disappeared?  I'm the person who's done all that for three years. Just as I remember, Kang-shim does too. Kang-shim has a good memory. My hands, my lips, all of those sensations..."


Tae-joo punches Byun in the face and quickly winces in pain. Hahaha, it wouldn't be Tae-joo if he didn't flinch! He stares at Byun and states, "Hey you, you're a worse person than I thought. Take this back. It's the ointment bill!" Tae-joo flings the 3,000 won at Byun and stalks off while examining his hand. Byun stares at him (probably) in disbelief. Oh man, I loved this scene. Tae-joo was not only hilarious but so swoon-worthy! Byun was so creepy and deserving of that punch. How dare he still think Kang-shim wants him after all that he did! He's acted so entitled, I was glad Tae-joo punched him and then threw the three bucks at him which was simply golden. Tae-joo ftw!

The Chairman witnesses all this and sighs. He goes back to his office lost in thought. Tae-joo goes to his office, and Kang-shim notices his hand bleeding. She worries over it, but Tae-joo says it's nothing. He looks at her and asks why she likes that guy. He says, "What's he got that I don't? I don't lack in looks, clothing, or education!" He complains that he hates even being compared to such a person and tells her to never meet him again. Understandably, Kang-shim is confused and tries to talk to him, but Tae-joo acts childishly and says he won't hear anything from her.

He walks into his office and stops in shock. Eun-ho waves at him, and Kang-shim offers to bring drinks. Once they're alone, Tae-joo asks how much he heard, and Eun-ho proceeds to mimic him. Eun-ho asks if Kang-shim is the one he groped (explaining with hand motions) and wonders if Tae-joo's in an unrequited love. Eun-ho offers to give advice. Um, Eun-ho is definitely not a good person for advice given his track record. This will be interesting to say the least.

Kang-shim pours drinks thoughtlessly and gets a call from Kang-jae that surprises her. Kang-shim calls Dal-bong later and tells him to quit early to talk about Daddy Cha's new girlfriend. Dal-bong is stunned speechless.

All the Cha siblings meet along with Hyo-jin who recalls the day's event of Daddy Cha with a young, pretty lady. Kang-shim doesn't think the encounter is a coincidence, and Kang-jae thinks the woman is a gold digger. Kang-shim says that Daddy Cha having another woman is fine, but Dal-bong says no way! Kang-shim wants to be direct and ask their father, but Kang-jae thinks it doesn't matter what Daddy Cha feels but the woman's intentions. First of all, they're all acting very selfish and self-righteous. They're talking about a totally random stranger and being quite rude when they know barely anything about the person or the situation. I feel like this is going to end badly.

Tae-joo brings Eun-ho to his place since the latter offered dating advice. Eun-ho wanders into his room and lies on the bed. Tae-joo freaks out and complains that the bed should only be laid on with pajamas and that Eun-ho is getting germs all over it. Eun-ho decides to sit in the massage chair next, and Tae-joo whines that he's ruining his settings.

Now in the living room, Eun-ho starts looking at the LP records, and Tae-joo scolds him not to touch those since they're older than he is. Eun-ho is actually quite knowledgeable about the records which duly impresses and calms Tae-joo.

Eun-ho asks for dinner, and Tae-joo tells him that he doesn't eat with others. Eun-ho asks if that also applies with Kang-shim. Tae-joo stutters that she's different. He explains that she never once complained or scolded him about his eating habits. Aw, I won't scold you either Tae-joo!

Just then, the doorbell rings, and the two dorks think it might be Kang-shim. Deep-voiced Tae-joo returns as he asks, "Who is it?" The Chairman answers, to their surprise, and enters looking determined.

Kang-shim and Dal-bong go home together and run into Aunt Cha and Young-sul. Despite Aunt Cha's attempts to stop her daughter, Young-sul tells them Daddy Cha is with a pretty lady right now. Kang-shim leaves to confront her father even though Aunt Cha tries to convince her to ignore it. The lady is about to leave, but Kang-shim and Dal-bong appear just then. Daddy Cha introduces them, but Kang-shim is very rude and tells her father that she needs a word with him.

Okay, I'm going to be honest. Kang-shim was rude to that woman and probably embarrassed her father with her crass behavior and attitude. I'm definitely not looking forward to this conversation because all I can picture is a poor Daddy Cha being hounded by his selfish children. Sigh, I like Kang-shim, don't get me wrong, but sometimes she's too brash. Her feistiness is charming at times, but when it deals with her father, she usually just comes across as spoiled and ungrateful. Also, Dal-bong is acting extra childish about this whole event. I really don't want to see him whine in front of dad even more than Kang-shim's rudeness. Come on, he's in his late twenties! He needs to mature.

Final Comments

I love the budding bromance between Tae-joo and Eun-ho. Even though Eun-ho is still spoiled and self-centered, he's really just looking for attention and family. They both want acceptance and haven't grown up in a stable household. In that sense, I think they would be able to understand each other well and fill in those areas of loneliness. I look forward to them. In my opinion, I think Eun-ho will want to be friendly first, and Tae-joo will act reluctant but will play the role with gusto later on. They may become easily become one of my favorite relationships on this show and they've barely even started!

Byun was a jerk this episode from the coffee with Kang-shim to his little speech to Tae-joo, and I completely understand why Tae-joo wouldn't even want to be compared to such a guy. I cheered when Tae-joo punched him (though I don't condone violence, hahaha).

Also, it was cute to see him wince afterwards though I don't blame him; he cut his hand on Byun's teeth, most likely, and was bleeding. I bet he hasn't punched anyone before because he comes across as a pacifist, but he's willing to for his love! It would have been adorable to see Kang-shim treat him because he would have acted like a baby while trying to be "manly".

Comments on Other Stuff

Though Dal-bong was annoying at the end, his almost kiss with Seo-wool was adorable. They're quite cute with all their butterflies and puppy-dog love!