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What Happens to My Family Ep 25: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

Daddy Cha starts acting, and his children are finally reacting to him. It was nice to see the tense moments balanced with the humorous ones. Tae-joo brings on the funny, and Kang-shim maintains the heavy tone although she had some nice moments herself.

I love the continued relationship between Tae-joo and Eun-ho and was sad to see that there was only one scene with them. I also want to see more of the Moon family (minus Baek, really), but this is about the Cha family, so I won't complain too much. I guess I should be thankful for even getting one scene. At least I adore Daddy Cha, so it's always good to see him on screen.
The Cha siblings stare at disbelief at their court summons and gape at the large amount of money. Kang-shim asks Tae-joo to take the afternoon off to stop by her home for a while. He's worried that something might have happened, but she reassures him that it's not a big deal. She rushes out of the office and runs into the couch before making her exit.

Kang-shim calls Kang-jae and asks if he got one, too. All three siblings mobilize and run into each other outside of the house. They share how much they were each sued: Dal-bong at 1.2 billion, Kang-shim at 1.8 billion, and Kang-jae at almost 2.2 billion. Kang-shim and Dal-bong stare at Kang-jae slack-jawed, but then add that the amount makes sense since medical school is expensive and Daddy Cha did spend a lot of expenses on him. Hahaha, this was a great bit. 

They rush into the tofu shop, but it's only Young-sul inside who was asked to watch over the shop. They ask her where their father is, but she doesn't know. Kang-shim orders Dal-bong to search the other stores, and she runs into the house to ask Aunt Cha.

Kang-shim asks Aunt Cha who also has no clue where Daddy Cha went. She suggests looking in the other stores. Young-sul comes running in, and Aunt Cha yells at her for not watching the show. She tells her that Kang-jae is there, and Aunt Cha asks if all the siblings are here. Aunt Cha worriedly asks who's in trouble this time, and Kang-shim sighs that it's Daddy Cha.

Kang-shim keeps asking Aunt Cha if she knows why Daddy Cha did it. Aunt Cha is frustrated and asks what she keeps blabbering about. Kang-shim says Daddy Cha sued them for all his investments after they turned eighteen including school fees, food, etc. The kids meet up in the tofu shop with no clues about Daddy Cha's whereabouts. Kang-jae has to leave for a surgery, so Kang-shim says she'll stay here for now.

Tae-joo hears from the other secretary that Kang-shim won't be able to come in today because of personal issues. He asks if anything happened, and when she tells him that she doesn't know, he sighs, worried about Kang-shim.

Kang-shim and Dal-bong wait in the tofu shop, and Aunt Cha comes out to ask if Daddy Cha has arrived yet. Just then, he arrives, and all three of them rush out to meet him. Kang-shim asks about the court summons and if it was really his doing. He says that he did it, and if they have anything to say, they can talk to his lawyer.

Daddy Cha goes into his room and locks the door. Kang-shim pounds on the door and tells him to talk face-to-face. He says that he has nothing to say to them. Dal-bong comes in and whines outside the door to Daddy Cha that this is childish. Finally, Daddy Cha comes out and asks if the kids liked talking to a locked door. He tells them that they always did that to him, so he's showing them how it feels for once. Aw, seeing that short montage was sad. Be strong Daddy Cha! Teach them a lesson.

Dal-bong whines that he's their dad, but Daddy Cha says fathers are human, too. Aunt Cha says this is ridiculous and out of character for him. Daddy Cha asks what his character is. He yells that he's never once acted the way he wanted, so now he's going to say the things he wants and do the things he wants because he has every right to do so. He barges back into his room, but once alone, he shakes with nerves since all his yelling was just an act.

Aunt Cha is called away by Young-sul, and Kang-shim tells Dal-bong to look at who's the lawyer. He says it's Byun Woo-tak, and Kang-shim is surprised, to say the least. She shakes in fury and calls him crazy under her breath.

Outside, Tae-joo pulls up to Kang-shim's house and notices the closed shop. He peers around and can tell something is wrong. Right then, he sees Kang-shim leaving the house in a hurry.

Kang-shim rushes down a hallway and angrily enters a door. Tae-joo peeks from around a corner and quickly follows. He stares in shock at the sign signaling Byun Woo-tak's law office. He leans forward and tries to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Kang-shim chucks the paper at Byun's face, and he gets up demanding to know what she thinks she's doing. She yells right back at him and asks what he thinks he's doing. He tells her to sit, but she refuses. She calls him a scam artist and accuses him of making her father do this. Byun says it wasn't him, but her and her brothers who made their father do this.

He tells her that she should have been good to him while she had the chance. Kang-shim yells at him to stop joking and tells him to return things to the way they were. He says the only one who can return Daddy Cha to what he was like before is his children. Kang-shim asks why he always messes up her life, and Byun tells her that they're talking about her father's life right now. She says that no matter what happens, he doesn't even have a fraction of a chance back with her.

He says that unfortunately they'll have to keep seeing each other while the trial goes on. She asks if he's really not going to cancel, and he tells her to go inform her siblings that they better get ready. Tae-joo's been listening outside and looks troubled by the news.

The Cha siblings plus Hyo-jin have gathered in Kang-jae's room and try coming up with a plan. Hyo-jin brings up the idea that maybe Daddy Cha is acting this way because of Ms. Go. Kang-shim and Dal-bong say that's unlikely though they don't seem too confident. Kang-jae says they should come up with a plan after he meets with his in-law's lawyer, and the family meeting adjourns. However, Dal-bong stops Kang-shim and asks about the 5 billion won. Everyone simply scolds Dal-bong as they file out of the room. Kang-shim plops on her bed heaving a sigh.

Byun gets a knock at his door in the middle of the night. He asks who it is but gets no answer, so he gets up to open the door. Standing there is Tae-joo, channeling his inner Chow Yun Fat. Hahaha, he's such a dork. I love it.

He excuses himself and barges into the office. He does a quick glance, and says in a old detective drawl that something must have happened to Kang-shim's family. Byun tells him to ask her directly since he can't share private information about his client.

Tae-joo turns around and asks if it's true that Daddy Cha sued his children and he's his lawyer. He continues and asks why Byun keeps mingling in Kang-shim's area. He asks if he doesn't think his behavior is dirty or does he think this will work in winning Kang-shim back. Tae-joo tells him to answer him with a yes or no.

Byun refuses, and Tae-joo gets up in his face. He warns Byun against having ulterior motives towards Kang-shim, but Byun challenges him by asking what will he do if he does. Tae-joo can't believe his ears and asks if Byun just dropped honorifics. Byun tells him to drop them too if he wants. Tae-joo asks if he's belittling his words, and Byun tells him that if he knows that already, then he should leave because it's his bedtime. Tae-joo warns him that if he acts suspicious, he won't shy away from any means of protecting Kang-shim from him,

With that, Tae-joo tries to make a cool exit, but he stumbles with his sunglasses and pokes himself in the eye. Oh Tae-joo, you are so uncool, but that's why I love you!

Kang-shim stares at the camera wide-eyed and asks what you're doing here at this late hour. Of course it's Tae-joo who's standing in front of her with his goofy smile. He says that he couldn't stop himself from coming by because he was worried about her.

She tells him that she'll be back to work tomorrow, and Tae-joo grabs her by the shoulders giving her an intense stare. She's surprised and starts to feel awkward. She asks what he's doing, and he tells she can ask him for help no matter what it is. He adds that if she needs a shoulder, his will always be free for her to lean on. Hahaha, someone has been watching way too many movies.

She asks him if he's drunk (hahaha), and he pulls her into a hug. He states that he'll protect her. She keeps asking him what he's talking about. He stares at her with a crazy look in his eyes and tells her to sleep well. "Then, see you tomorrow."

He goes back into his car and tries to calm his nerves. He smiles and congratulates himself on increasing his chances another 1%!

As he drives off, the music dies and the screen reveals a spiritless Kang-shim. "Why in the world aren't there any sane men  who show up in my life. How come all of them have to be... Why in the world? Why? Why? Why?!" This was awesome; I was guffawing.

Young-sul pops up from behind and tells her that there isn't such a thing as a sane man. She says all men have flaws, and that's why they have the saying "all men are from here to there." Kang-shim argues that Tae-joo is a bit too much. Young-sul replies that to her he seems like an innocent person with a stable foundation who earnestly likes her. Go Young-sul! You took the words out of my mouth!

Kang-shim seems to have been moved for a second but says that she has enough on her plate because of her dad. She tells Young-sul that Daddy Cha's lawyer is Byun, and Young-sul blows up. Kang-shim complains that she keeps getting bad news and now even Tae-joo is acting like that. She cries that she'll age from the stress, and Young-sul comforts her.

Tae-joo adorable makes breakfast in the morning while humming his happy tune. As he sits down about to eat, the doorbell rings. He opens the door and in comes Eun-ho greeting Tae-joo, like always, as "pervert-hyung".

Eun-ho sits down and helps himself to Tae-joo's breakfast. Tae-joo gets flustered and tells him not to eat his food. Eun-ho happily munches and sips Tae-joo's orange juice. He looks up at his pervert-hyung and asks if he has milk. Tae-joo stares at him in shock, but hilariously goes to the refrigerator and gets him milk. These two are fantastic. I love their bickering and reluctant (at least on Tae-joo's part) relationship.

After pouring Eun-ho a glass of milk, Tae-joo asks why he's here in the morning. Eun-ho hands him an envelope and says its the document he promised to show him in the future. He tells Tae-joo to look over and decide if he would like to invest in his restaurant. He adds that he needs the money by next week or he'll lose the restaurant to his mom.

Tae-joo goes to his bedroom and calls Eun-ho troublesome. However, he still flips through the investment plan and looks up in surprise, twice. I love how Tae-joo says Eun-ho is a bother but still does everything he says and asks for. They're going to become business partners no doubt about it, and I can't wait to see Baek's surprised face when her son and stepson have now teamed up! She's going to be in for a surprise, and I shall be there cackling through it all!

Kang-shim and Dal-bong exchange glances and enter the dining room for breakfast. They ask Aunt Cha for food, but she avoids eye contact. She admits that Daddy Cha said they won't be getting food unless they start paying a fee. The Cha children yell at their father calling this absurd, but he says that they have jobs and can pay.

Quick montage of Daddy Cha telling his children to eat, but each of them turns him down. He says that he won't be telling them to eat anymore, and if they don't want to pay, then they can leave the house and live on their own. He says that he won't hold them back. Ha! Maybe it's because I know people who actually live in such arrangements (paying their parents a monthly fee for housing, etc.) that I don't find Daddy Cha's demands preposterous. In fact, I think it's a good thing for him to ask for money and stop treating his adult children as babies. Plus, it's satisfying to see Daddy Cha get his petty revenge and to see the Cha siblings flabbergasted expressions. Serves them right, hehehe.

Aunt Cha tells them to come up with some plan instead of just saying dad all the time. Kang-shim asks her aunt if this is all because of a girl. Aunt Cha shoots lasers at Young-sul vehemently denies it. She asks Kang-shim to tell her mom that she didn't say anything about Daddy Cha meeting Ms Go. Oops! Aunt Cha whacks her daughter across the head for that one. Hahaha, and ouch!

Kang-shim cries about how her father could do this all because of some woman and leaves the table. Dal-bong follows after her, and Aunt Cha glares at Young-sul who yells in frustration that she didn't say a word this time. Boy who cried wolf, Young-sul! Glad that gossiping habit bit you in the butt even if I do think that you're relatively harmless.

The Cha siblings meet in a restaurant and complain about the turn of events. Kang-jae says they should wait until after the lawyers meet. Kang-shim says that in times like these, they need to eat a lot and join forces. I like how Daddy Cha's plans have inadvertently made them closer. It's nice to see them interact with one another and be a family.

Daddy Cha meets with Byun who tells him that the next strike will be bigger. They have requested a provisional seizure on Kang-shim and Kang-jae's paychecks, and they should be getting the news right about now. Cut to Kang-shim doe-eyed and clutching the phone.

Tae-joo arrives and asks Kang-shim about the provisional seizure. He tells her that he got a notice this morning in the mail about his monthly rent. Kang-shim can't believe that they even sent a letter to the officetel and she nearly faints at the news.

The Cha siblings have mobilized, and the family including Byun sit in the living room. Kang-shim asks why Daddy Cha is doing this, and Kang-jae adds that Daddy Cha has no chance in winning. Daddy Cha admits that he knows that. Dal-bong whines then why is their dad doing this to them.

Daddy Cha solemnly states that's the reason. They don't even know what they've done wrong and continue to commit the wrong. That's their biggest fault. Until they realize it, Daddy Cha tells them he won't revoke his suit.

Kang-shim yells in frustration, but Kang-jae tells them to stop. He stares at his father and says that they'll do what he wants. However, after the trial, Kang-jae declares that this will be the end of their familial ties. Daddy Cha agrees and leaves the house as Dal-bong calls after him.

Final Comments

Kang-jae is a jerk, and Byun is so smug. Okay, that's enough with the aggravating. I'm going to now gush about Tae-joo! As always, he's a dork and makes me laugh uncontrollably with his expressions. I liked his scene with Byun even though the latter is quite frustrating and sleazy.

When Tae-joo went to Kang-shim and hugged her, so funny. Her reaction was wonderful, and I loved that she basically called Tae-joo a loon. Though Kang-shim protests, I have to agree with Young-sul that Tae-joo is innocent and enamored with her. Plus, she's slowly falling for him 1% at a time just as he's planning unbeknownst to her which is cute.

Also, it's adorable that Tae-joo cooks, and from the looks of it, quite well. I totally think he's going to be the one making food once they get together like I mentioned before.

Comments on Other Stuff

There were plenty of wonderful moments of Daddy Cha, though he always has memorable scenes. It was brilliant to juxtapose the strong and forceful Daddy Cha who firmly declared war on his children next to the lonely and haggard Daddy Cha who looked defeated. Despite his harsh words and actions, he still worries about his children and doesn't feel at ease with his decision. However, he's propelled to teach them a final lesson which also makes me worried that Daddy Cha could be sick. Hopefully, Daddy Cha will get what he truly wants and not what Kang-jae thinks Daddy Cha wants. Like Seo-wool, I'm on Daddy Cha's team 100%!

Besides Daddy Cha, I especially loved Seo-wool this episode and like her as a character for the most part even though I don't highlight her in my recaps simply because she doesn't share much screentime with Kang-shim and/or Tae-joo. I enjoyed how she joined forces with Eun-ho and taught Dal-bong a lesson. Dal-bong needs to stop acting brash, and it was great to see him humbled after acting so high and mighty. Sometimes Seo-wool as a character makes me scratch my head because she's quite smart and thoughtful but sometimes does things out of character. However, this episode, her actions for teaching Dal-bong a lesson and her firm declaration to be on Daddy Cha's side reminded me why I do adore her most of the times. She's an awesome young lady with a good head on her shoulders. Dal-bong is quite lucky to have such a devoted and capable girlfriend next to him because the current him really needs to mature if he wants to keep her.