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What Happens to My Family Ep 24: Kang-shim & Tae-joo

There were barely any scenes of Kang-shim and Tae-joo together this episode which is disappointing since they have to take a backseat for Daddy Cha's legal case. In the Cha household, I only really have deep sympathies for Daddy Cha, and it was heartbreaking to see him so depressed.

However, if the Cha house was sad this episode, the Moon house was a bundle of giggles and fun! Tae-joo's slowly budding relationship with his family is heartwarming, and I am loving his relationship with Eun-ho so far. Hopefully, we get to see more of them in the future!

Kang-shim tells Dal-bong about the 5 billion won offer. He's ecstatic and idiotically goes to tell Daddy Cha about getting the inheritance early.

Kang-shim calls Kang-jae and tells him about Daddy Cha relinquishing his land. She goes into Tae-joo's office and finds it already cleaned. Tae-joo comes in with a freshly brewed cup of ppl coffee for her just the way she likes it.

He tells her that he came an hour ago and cleaned everything because it would lighten her load. He says it's his response to her actions because he was so touched last night. She tells him that she was just doing her duty, but Tae-joo keeps heaping on praise and saying that's why she's such an awesome person. He rushes her out of his office to hurry up and drink her coffee before it gets cold. She stares at her coffee and unconsciously smiles as she thinks back to his confession last night.

Kang-shim snaps herself out of her reverie, and the office phone rings. Byun calls, and Kang-shim responds professionally telling him not to call. He keeps calling and says he has something to discuss as a lawyer concerning her father. She tells him to stop lying and if he calls one more time than she'll report him to the police as a stalker.

Tae-joo leaves, but before he goes, he asks about tonight. She cuts him off and tells him that she's meeting her siblings tonight. He tells her that he's having dinner with the Chairman. She's surprised, and he tells her that this seemed like the first step of making that 1% he promised. I see what you did there, Tae-joo!

Once he leaves, Kang-shim breaks out into a huge grin but shakes her head and scolds herself. She goes to meet up with her brothers, and Kang-shim and Dal-bong ask if it's alright to take the money. Kang-jae tells her that they should if they want to. For once, the Cha children look happy all together, but Daddy Cha calls and tells her to bring Kang-jae. Uh-oh... trouble's brewing.

Tae-joo peeks into Eun-ho's office, and in his stilted acting, he acts surprised that Eun-ho's still here. Hahahaha, first, I love the fact that he came to Eun-ho's office, and second, Tae-joo's stilted acting will never get old. It's so horrendously bad and hilarious.

Eun-ho asks what he's doing here since they all planned on meeting at the Chairman's house later for dinner. Tae-joo makes up excuses saying that since it's Saturday, he ends work early today and had some time to spare. Eun-ho stares at him and asks if he felt awkward going home by himself. Tae-joo is surprised and defensively says he isn't a kid! Eun-ho just smiles at his antics.

Tae-joo says he stop by because he was curious about the restaurant. He looks around and comments that he didn't get a chance to notice last time but it's nice and big. He notices the billiard table strewed with documents about the restaurant. He picks up a document titled "investment plans". Eun-ho jumps up and takes the document away saying he'll show him once he finishes the final version. Eun-ho asks if he wants a drink, and Tae-joo asks for an iced mint tea. They are so adorable together!

Daddy Cha is with Ms. Go. The Cha siblings see them together and immediately ask if he's still meeting her. He tells them that it's not like that and calls Kang-shim and Kang-jae inside while Dal-bong stays and watches the tofu shop.

Inside, Daddy Cha tells Young-sul to call out Aunt Cha. Young-sul convinces her mother to come out, and outside, Dal-bong and a newly arrived Hyo-jin decide to eavesdrop on the impeding conversation.

Daddy Cha tells his two children to bow their heads and apologies to Aunt Cha. When his children aren't keen on apologizing, he asks them if they ever truly felt grateful towards their aunt who sacrificed so much and raised them. He continues to say that yesterday was their mother's memorial, yet it was their aunt who set everything up. Then when they came, instead of giving thanks they said things they shouldn't have to their aunt. He reprimands them for being ungrateful and rude.

Kang-jae asks if this is why he was called, and Daddy Cha says it is. Kang-shim is also mad and asks her father why he thinks they never apologized. She says they apologized already and turns to Aunt Cha to tell her that the first things they said to her last night was an apology.

Kang-jae then adds vehemently that Aunt Cha was angry last night not only because they were late to the memorial but because of the inheritance issue. He yells that he doesn't understand why she's getting upset over it when it's something between Daddy Cha and them. He says that he's grateful for her help around the house, but adds that she should know that they've had to endure a lot because of her, too. Aunt Cha asks in what aspects, and Kang-jae tells her about the financial burden her family was on his. He brings up the issue of bringing in Young-sul's husband and says that Aunt Cha only asked Daddy Cha about it. He and Kang-shim were never asked, but they decided to stay quiet about it because she was their aunt. He says that they had to endure a lot because of Aunt Cha, too, so she shouldn't act like the only one who had to sacrifice for the family.

Okay, Kang-jae isn't wrong per say. Aunt Cha can be aggravating sometimes especially since she can only see her own sacrifices (though I don't think this is a fault unique to her). However, Kang-jae's delivery is out of line. He's letting his anger control him, and his outburst is really a manifestation of years of frustration that's a little bit unwarranted. Even if you're mad, it's disrespectful to act this way to your aunt who you even acknowledge has been like a mother to you.

Aunt Cha wails and Young-sul sobs. Kang-jae continues to get frustrated at their self-pity and yells. Daddy Cha, who's been silent, shouts at his son, and literally, flips the table. Dal-bong and Hyo-jin jump in surprise.

Daddy Cha is furious and says he brought up his children wrong. He yells that he isn't giving them this land and will die with it. He leaves the house fuming, and immature Dal-bong asks his dad about his 5 billion won, then. Daddy Cha shouts that Dal-bong should find a job first and blames himself for raising them horribly. He goes to his tofu shop and shoves his mouth with tofu. His eyes are red and brimming with tears. A sad Daddy Cha makes me sad, too.

Kang-jae asks Aunt Cha if she's happy now, and Kang-shim tells him to stop. The Cha siblings plus Hyo-jin meet up in a cafe. Kang-shim defends Aunt Cha a little when Hyo-jin says she was overboard this time. Hyo-jin brings up the idea of offering Aunt Cha money. The Cha siblings exchange glances that seem to be in agreement.

Kang-shim meets with Young-sul and her husband. She offers their family 1.5 billion won, and Young-sul is taken aback. Kang-shim lies that they were planning on giving Aunt Cha the money from the beginning, and claims that they said those harsh words out of anger and didn't mean them. Young-sul is convinced and says she'll talk to her mom. Young-sul's husband asks how much each Cha sibling is getting since after taxes they won't receive that much cash. Kang-shim's eyes bulge at the news, and doing a quick calculation, she realizes that she'd be left with only 1 billion won.

Byun shows up in front of Kang-shim and says he has something to say. She grits her teeth and tells him that they don't while trying to leave. He stops her and says that they do.

Tae-joo and Eun-ho arrive at the Chairman's place, and I love how Eun-ho is driving and Tae-joo is in the passenger's seat with a bouquet of flowers. Tae-joo is super nervous and doesn't even realize that they've arrived. Eun-ho says let's go, and Tae-joo calls after him to wait and go together.
Hahaha, it's great.

Tae-joo hands over the flowers to Baek who thanks him and tells everyone that dinner is ready. Tae-joo is visibly nervous and waits a bit before following the rest of the family. You can do it, Tae-joo!

Papa Moon is happy to finally have the whole family together for a meal. He thanks his son for making this possible, and Tae-joo says it isn't a big deal as he nervously eyes the food. Tae-joo tries to take his first bite but notices everyone staring at him. He darts back and forth and asks what's wrong. Papa Moon laughs and says it's nothing. Oh my goodness, this scene is already so epic. I can't even... Tae-joo's nervousness is so hilarious and endearing. I want him to succeed!

Eun-ho does an adorable smile and stares at Tae-joo who takes a nibble at his soup. Everyone can't help but stare in awe, and Tae-joo compliments Baek that the food tastes good. Papa Moon laughs heartily that they think the food tastes good, too. Baek hands him the abalone to try which Tae-joo stares at in surprise. He grabs one and barely nibbles at it while smiling. It's adorable that Tae-joo glances at Eun-ho as if looking for approval. Hahahaha, this family makes me happy!

Kang-shim goes to Byun's office. He offers a drink, but she tells him to get to the point. He says that she should stop asking for the inheritance. He tells her that unless she wants rumors spreading throughout the streets that the poor tofu shop owner was betrayed by his greedy kids, they should stop now. Kang-shim scoffs and asks how he knows. Did her dad ask Byun to sue his children? Byun asks what if that's the case.

She's flabbergasted and calls him a liar. She turns around to leave, and Byun asks what he could do so that they'd be able to talk. She tells him to do nothing. She doesn't want to talk to him nor have him do anything related to her at all. She storms out, and Byun says that talking was impossible. Sorry, no sympathies for you, jerk-face.

Byun meets with Daddy Cha and tells him that he'll take the case for him. Two weeks later...
Kang-shim goes to work and notices an envelope addressed to her from the court. The Cha siblings stare at their court notice in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Daddy Cha turns on the radio and dances. It's adorable, but quite bittersweet. Don't worry Daddy Cha, I'm on your team 100%!